Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Twice abandoned Ellie senior hound needs rescue or home now - Elizabethtown NC

LOCATION: Elizabethtown, NC 28337
CONTACT: Silvia 910-876-0539
SECONDARY CONTACT:Debbie 339-832-0806
It is with a lot of tears, a very sad heart and a bit of disillusionment, A Shelter Friend must tell you about a sweet 10yr old hound named ELLIE.  You may remember Ellie as she was in our shelter at the end of October. Her time was nearly up and she was about to be put down because the shelter was very full when a miracle happened.  We got a call all the way from California. Although a challenge, it is not impossible for a dog to get to California from North Carolina. 
The woman spoke about a loving warm home for her to spend, whatever time may be remaining for this sweet gal. We were elated at the thought of this old discarded hunting hound to spend her finals years in sunny California was a dream come true for us and we knew for her also. We were so happy that we could have done cartwheels.
The adopter sounded so sincere that we were sure that she would find a way even if it was a flight. We pulled her and placed her at the vet for boarding, spayed her and heart worm tested her. To our amazement she was Heartworm Negative. For more than 3 month this sweet old gal has been waiting, waiting for her home, waiting for her new mommy and waiting to get out of the Small kennel at the Vet.
 During this time Several A Shelter Friend volunteers have called her as well as the vet. We were promised a credit card. we were told the check was in the mail yet nothing came, no check, no payment of any kind. Then today a very kind transporter said that he was driving to take Ellie to her new home in California.  We asked him if he had been paid and he stated that he went on trust as well.  A Shelter Friend told him about our experience and suggested that he may want to get the money in advance otherwise he may never see it.  
We are so upset. Upset that this poor old sweet hound has been lied to.  Upset that she has been stuck in a crate for 3 months. Upset that we are left with a $1200 bill, money that could help the next dog in need, the next animal hit by car, the next shot dog, the next dog needing a few days boarding to get to his or her new home.  We are upset that our trust was betrayed. We are upset that Ellie's trust was betrayed. We are upset that another dog may loose her chance because we just won't believe the person on the other end of the phone. THIS IS SO WRONG! Some people just don't get it.
Anyone who may be able to help please do so on our website or call us at 910-876-0539 or 339 832-0806