Tuesday, January 22, 2013

URGENT 10 year old deaf beagle Winny has only until Jan 26th!

$75.00 donation to rescue from senior pets nyc.
the beagle  is on euth list.
 Tilton, IL ( Near Danville - Vermilion County Animal Shelter and Animal Control) URGENT dogs in need of rescue ASAP!  Transport is available. Please HELP!
These sweet dogs will be euthanized on January 26, 2013 if they are not rescued. There are pictures in the email as well as attached.  There are also You Tube links to video for most of the dogs!!  PLEASE HELP!  Please contact Patti Fitzpatrick at  fitz2005@comcast.net  and Sherry Klemme at  holisticpetmenu@yahoo.com  ASAP if you can RESCUE any of these beautiful dogs.  Some are just PUPPIES.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
 WINNY – This sweet Beagle is SPAYED, has all of her vaccines and is Heartworm NEG!!  Winny is approximately 10 years old (but we are not sure about that).  Sweet little Winny only weighs 28 pounds and has no health issues except she is deaf.  She DOES know hand signals and she is good with dogs, cats and children!!  She is a very loving and quiet girl!  PLEASE HELP little Winny please!  Here is Winny’s video:  http://youtu.be/1P9SXioSo-E