Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two 8 year oldl sharpei sisters need home - owners losing home peekskill NY

These two sweet female's need to find a new home… Joe and his family have had to make changes in their lives that does not allow them to keep them to keep them in their family, as they resolve their challenges… 
 I you are interested Please contact Joe DiGiglio… and go over to meet them.

Sadly, my family is looking to rehome two eight-year old Shar Pei mixes (sisters) who we rescued as puppies and have owned the whole time.  They are great dogs with good personalities and no medical issues.  We are in the process of losing our first home in NJ, and have since relocated to Cold Spring (where the rental does not allow animals).

If you think you might be able to help, either personally or through helping find people who have an interest, I would be in your debt.  I have attached a picture for your reference, and feel free to reach me any time at this address or 646-823-2331 Take care, and I hope to hear back from you…
Joe D.
Joseph DiGiglio <> OR  Tim  
OR  Joseph