Monday, January 28, 2013

Owner killed himself, two pitbulls both older need rescue or foster or home now Shelton CT

We have 2 adult  pitties that were raised in the same family.  The owner passed away, then the daughter passed away a month later.  The remaining family, member, the wife/mom, has to leave her house & move into an apatrtment. The landlord is not letting herr take a pet over 30 lbs (the pitts are about 50 each)  
They're both brindle Pit mixes. The larger male (Chopper) is about 10 years old and 60 lbs. and the female (Butch) is about 7 and 50 lbs. Both have been spay/neutered and have been around plenty of cats and small dogs with no trouble but they've never been around small children. Chopper was rescued when the psychopath that had him decided to crop his ears, himself, with a pocket knife! They became badly infected and he ended up with little stubs where his ears used to be! Should anyone, who receives this message, be able to help remedy this situation.  My sister-in-law's name is Barbara Percell.  email is  Her current residence is in Shelton, Ct.