Monday, January 14, 2013

Knox an 11 year old jindo/shiba innu mix needs new home or rescue

Know is a 53 lbs jindo mix who needs a new home.He is completely housebroken, has never had an accident with us. He is crate trained.  he is ok with other dogs, but would probably prefer to be the only dog. Not ok with cats.  He has some food-dominance issues, but has never been violent about it.

He is 11.5 years old. Still very active, and enjoys two to three good walks every day.  Still runs with our younger dog, but not for long.  He prefers to be off leash and is better behaved off-leash. he occasionally barks and lunges at other leashed dogs, but only when they are well-behaved, and has never bitten a dog.

We re-homed Knox from my brother in law after Knox nipped our daughter.  The trainer felt that given the time duration of his dislike of small children, that their was little chance of seriously altering his outlook,.

The decision to have Knox leave our home comes from an incident Friday. . He is too unpredictable to have around her any longer.

Knox is up to date on all shots. Last June he had all shots plus a dental cleaning.
If you would like to give knox a home or rescue him please email for application.