Thursday, January 10, 2013

Honey a 13 year old yellow labrador needs home or rescue location is CT

Quick Stats:
13 year old Female Retriever Mix
45 lbs
Fatty cyst on her side - checked by vet within last 2 weeks
Currently receiving daily skin treatments and weekly medicated baths until her skin is completely healed.
Eats Senior Dog Food - no special Diet
LOVES to brush, be pet, belly rubs
Loves to go for walks
She can see and hear but not super well - figured her way around my place very quickly. 
 My great uncle had to go into a nursing home recently after he had fallen at home and could not get up. He is 92 and refused to leave his home because of his 13 year old dog, Honey. I had lined up a few prospective homes and drove to NY to keep her out of a pound but both fell through once I got her here and now I am stuck. I live in an apartment and already have 2 dogs who both came from rescues. We cannot have 3 here, nor can I support 3 dogs.
 Honey spent about 2 weeks at a kennel, recovering from some skin issues due to the conditions of my uncles house. She also has a fatty cyst on one side, but other than that, she had a physical at the vet and bloodwork and is healthy. Honey is a 46 lb retriever mix.
 Honey is very content relaxing on her blanket and chewing her bone, but also comes over and puts her head under your hand when she wants attention.  I took her for a walk yesterday with my 2 smaller dogs and she was great on a leash - kept up with us too.  She's always right next to me when cooking in the kitchen - waiting for something to drop on the floor.  :)  She has been great with my dogs, and was with many different animals in the shelter with no issues.  
please email to adopt or email caretaker Loria at: