Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dalhonega GA - 10 year old chow chow Ralph needs rescue or home by jan 17th owner passed away

 If anyone can please help Ralph... he needs a rescue or home by next Thursday :(
If people could put him on facebook that would be great too... :(
Please contact me anytime day/night.
770-708-7870 office
My father has just passed away.
Two years and two months later.
I had always promised him that I would make sure Ralph was well taken care of always.
Ralphy boy was his favorite.
For the last year I have had an arrangement with a NC rescue that promised to take Ralph when the time came. I was in ongoing contact and have the emails to prove it. I was told the longer that he could stay at home the better-just give the some advanced notice when it was time…
I called to give them a two week heads up and was told they would not take Ralph- he was too hard to place because of his age and being a Chow.
They backed out at the last minute.
Ralph deserves a chance- he has only done what was asked of him and never been bad in his life.
Some Ralph factoids:
·         Red chow mix - does not act like a Chow
·         10 years old (acts like 7 yrs)             
·         65 lb - in excellent health
·         Owner passed away
·         A real homebody- lived his whole life with one person, in one house with fenced acre and several other dogs
·  Other dogs: If there are other dogs he needs his space.. he was the alpha dog of a pack of 9 for a long time. Protective over his food with other dogs only so just needs feeding separately... no issues with people. He is in with 2 or 3 other dogs at present... does better with dogs that are smaller than him... great with little dogs. Humans can take a bone right out of his mouth no problem.
·  I have only seen him with kids 5 & older for brief amounts of time but he really loves the attention. If they get too loud he just goes off and finds a quiet place. He shows a great deal of concern if a child is crying- Ralph seems to have a maternal side.·         Loves milkbone biscuits, rawhide, and big beef bones
·         Very, very sweet boy - Very sensitive
·        very lovable - Loves affection
·         Housetrained- will come up to you and stare, then make noises and if then doesn’t work will paw you and start talking
·         Likes to be outside a lot during the day
·         Likes to be in at night- has his own bed, food/water bowls
·         Terrified of gunfire, thunder/lightening/fireworks wants to be inside close to you
·         Great watch dog