Thursday, January 31, 2013

Clouseau, a deaf beautiful senior angora cat needs a home OR rescue - Rockville MD

PLEASE Adopt or Advocate for “Clouseau”…Deaf, Senior Angora…dumped in Shelter…tragic turn for this beautiful girl in her golden years. She’s not young but that’s no reason for her living to end…she’s sad and confused…of course!
CONTACT:Montgomery County Humane Society
14645 Rothgeb Dr
Rockville, MD 20850
Main: 240-773-5960
Fax: 301-279-1998
Her ID# IS - ID#A371053

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Senior Female Beagle in HALIFAX VA thrown from a car by owners needs home or rescue

Subject: beagle in need in Halifax,Virginia
This sweet girl was thrown out of a car by my friends house.My friend
cannot keep her.Can anyone please bring her into their rescue.I was
told she is approx. 25 pounds and very sweet.As far as we know she
will need to have her shots updated-not sure if she is spayed as I
have not actually seen her.
I am the contact person for her.
If you can help please email me at

Monday, January 28, 2013

Owner killed himself, two pitbulls both older need rescue or foster or home now Shelton CT

We have 2 adult  pitties that were raised in the same family.  The owner passed away, then the daughter passed away a month later.  The remaining family, member, the wife/mom, has to leave her house & move into an apatrtment. The landlord is not letting herr take a pet over 30 lbs (the pitts are about 50 each)  
They're both brindle Pit mixes. The larger male (Chopper) is about 10 years old and 60 lbs. and the female (Butch) is about 7 and 50 lbs. Both have been spay/neutered and have been around plenty of cats and small dogs with no trouble but they've never been around small children. Chopper was rescued when the psychopath that had him decided to crop his ears, himself, with a pocket knife! They became badly infected and he ended up with little stubs where his ears used to be! Should anyone, who receives this message, be able to help remedy this situation.  My sister-in-law's name is Barbara Percell.  email is  Her current residence is in Shelton, Ct. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

15 yr old beagle missy needs home or rescue - owner surrender in Lancaster OH

This poor older girl was brought into the shelter as a stray...she is the sweetest thing ever...Please someone step up and get her out of this shelter...ASAP...
she comes running every time she sees anyone and wags her tail all the time..she is a very happy loving dog... Please help us find her "Furever Home"

Fairfield County Dog Shelter
1715 Granville Pike, Lancaster, OH 43130
740-652-7180 or 614-322-5294

Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturdays 9-12.
We are closed Sundays and all government holidays.
Adoption Fees are $38.00 plus a current license ($12.00)
making it a total of $50.00.
Fees for rescues are $25 plus the current license fee, totaling $37.00.

Poor sweet 15 year old Missy ended up at shelter when you family lost their home. The cold shelter is no place for an older girl. She wags her tail and greets everyone she meets waiting for her family or someone to give her a warm loving home. Please contact the shelter if you can open up your heart to this girl or share

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two 8 year oldl sharpei sisters need home - owners losing home peekskill NY

These two sweet female's need to find a new home… Joe and his family have had to make changes in their lives that does not allow them to keep them to keep them in their family, as they resolve their challenges… 
 I you are interested Please contact Joe DiGiglio… and go over to meet them.

Sadly, my family is looking to rehome two eight-year old Shar Pei mixes (sisters) who we rescued as puppies and have owned the whole time.  They are great dogs with good personalities and no medical issues.  We are in the process of losing our first home in NJ, and have since relocated to Cold Spring (where the rental does not allow animals).

If you think you might be able to help, either personally or through helping find people who have an interest, I would be in your debt.  I have attached a picture for your reference, and feel free to reach me any time at this address or 646-823-2331 Take care, and I hope to hear back from you…
Joe D.
Joseph DiGiglio <> OR  Tim  
OR  Joseph    

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

URGENT 10 year old deaf beagle Winny has only until Jan 26th!

$75.00 donation to rescue from senior pets nyc.
the beagle  is on euth list.
 Tilton, IL ( Near Danville - Vermilion County Animal Shelter and Animal Control) URGENT dogs in need of rescue ASAP!  Transport is available. Please HELP!
These sweet dogs will be euthanized on January 26, 2013 if they are not rescued. There are pictures in the email as well as attached.  There are also You Tube links to video for most of the dogs!!  PLEASE HELP!  Please contact Patti Fitzpatrick at  and Sherry Klemme at  ASAP if you can RESCUE any of these beautiful dogs.  Some are just PUPPIES.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
 WINNY – This sweet Beagle is SPAYED, has all of her vaccines and is Heartworm NEG!!  Winny is approximately 10 years old (but we are not sure about that).  Sweet little Winny only weighs 28 pounds and has no health issues except she is deaf.  She DOES know hand signals and she is good with dogs, cats and children!!  She is a very loving and quiet girl!  PLEASE HELP little Winny please!  Here is Winny’s video:

11 year old Nelson, PB Pekingese needs a new home! Staten Island NY

Nelson is an 11 year old male Pekingese. He was surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him. Nelson is absolutely adorable. He is neutered, up to date with all vaccinations and micro-chipped. There is a $280 donation. He can be seen @ PETCO, 2752 Veterans Road West, Staten Island, NY 10309 in the Charleston Shopping Center next to Home Depot--EVERY Saturday from noon to three pm.  if you want
more information about this cutie, please email PLUTO at PLUTORESCUE@AOL.COM

Monday, January 14, 2013

Knox an 11 year old jindo/shiba innu mix needs new home or rescue

Know is a 53 lbs jindo mix who needs a new home.He is completely housebroken, has never had an accident with us. He is crate trained.  he is ok with other dogs, but would probably prefer to be the only dog. Not ok with cats.  He has some food-dominance issues, but has never been violent about it.

He is 11.5 years old. Still very active, and enjoys two to three good walks every day.  Still runs with our younger dog, but not for long.  He prefers to be off leash and is better behaved off-leash. he occasionally barks and lunges at other leashed dogs, but only when they are well-behaved, and has never bitten a dog.

We re-homed Knox from my brother in law after Knox nipped our daughter.  The trainer felt that given the time duration of his dislike of small children, that their was little chance of seriously altering his outlook,.

The decision to have Knox leave our home comes from an incident Friday. . He is too unpredictable to have around her any longer.

Knox is up to date on all shots. Last June he had all shots plus a dental cleaning.
If you would like to give knox a home or rescue him please email for application.

Two senior beagles in W. VA in need of rescue!

Molly (top two photos)  & Pappy need some TLC.  Molly & Pappy came in as a strays.  She has milk but no pups to be found.  She is approx. 8 yrs. old and weighs about 30 lbs.  She has some mammory tumors also that the vet said could be removed when she gets spayed.  Pappy is approx. 12+ yrs., it's hard to tell as he hardly has any teeth left.  Both are very friendly and good with other dogs.  All dogs get vaccinated, wormed and frontline on intake at no charge to rescue.  Please e-mail if you can help either of these seniors.  Transport assistance is available.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rex needs rescue or home now - 89 yr old owner died - Sims, NC

Diane Narron

Meet Rex. He is a 9 year old shepherd mix. His 89 year old owner died and he has no where to go. He is timid because for his entire life, it was just him and his dad. He was scared of other dogs but is getting better. He has been in boarding since his owner's death shortly after Christmas. But he can't stay there indefinetly. He is very sweet although timid when meeting strangers. He just needs a family to love him. contact diane at 252-299-0976 or

Wilhemina a12 year old cat needs home or rescue was kept in crate 24/7 now in temp home Brooklyn NY

Wilhemina is a doll.  She was kept in a crate 24/7 and now is with me and my husband.  She is a
DOLL, so beautiful & lovable. The former owner had her declawed (I don't see why as she is so gentle and sweet.) However, one of our two cats is a really aggressive female and the two of them are not getting long AT ALL, causing a
huge source of stress in our household. Wilhelmina was extremely anxious when we tried to introduce her to our cats after several days of keeping them separate & are now keeping her totally sequestered from the other cats,
but it doesn't seem to be helping. Meanwhile, our cats are going nuts because they aren't allowed in the bedroom and are starting to act aggressively towards each other which really upsets me. I really wanted to keep her, but I don't think she's the right match for us.

We want to do anything and everything we can to help her find a new quiet home where she can be the only cat, but we've about lost our minds with the stress of all of this. I am sure you guys are incredibly overrun with animals, but I am really hoping you will consider taking her. Besides her age, I think she would be completely adoptable. She barely looks 6 years old in my opinion and her personality is perfection--truly, I've never met a sweeter cat.”  please email if you want to adopt or rescue her  .

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dalhonega GA - 10 year old chow chow Ralph needs rescue or home by jan 17th owner passed away

 If anyone can please help Ralph... he needs a rescue or home by next Thursday :(
If people could put him on facebook that would be great too... :(
Please contact me anytime day/night.
770-708-7870 office
My father has just passed away.
Two years and two months later.
I had always promised him that I would make sure Ralph was well taken care of always.
Ralphy boy was his favorite.
For the last year I have had an arrangement with a NC rescue that promised to take Ralph when the time came. I was in ongoing contact and have the emails to prove it. I was told the longer that he could stay at home the better-just give the some advanced notice when it was time…
I called to give them a two week heads up and was told they would not take Ralph- he was too hard to place because of his age and being a Chow.
They backed out at the last minute.
Ralph deserves a chance- he has only done what was asked of him and never been bad in his life.
Some Ralph factoids:
·         Red chow mix - does not act like a Chow
·         10 years old (acts like 7 yrs)             
·         65 lb - in excellent health
·         Owner passed away
·         A real homebody- lived his whole life with one person, in one house with fenced acre and several other dogs
·  Other dogs: If there are other dogs he needs his space.. he was the alpha dog of a pack of 9 for a long time. Protective over his food with other dogs only so just needs feeding separately... no issues with people. He is in with 2 or 3 other dogs at present... does better with dogs that are smaller than him... great with little dogs. Humans can take a bone right out of his mouth no problem.
·  I have only seen him with kids 5 & older for brief amounts of time but he really loves the attention. If they get too loud he just goes off and finds a quiet place. He shows a great deal of concern if a child is crying- Ralph seems to have a maternal side.·         Loves milkbone biscuits, rawhide, and big beef bones
·         Very, very sweet boy - Very sensitive
·        very lovable - Loves affection
·         Housetrained- will come up to you and stare, then make noises and if then doesn’t work will paw you and start talking
·         Likes to be outside a lot during the day
·         Likes to be in at night- has his own bed, food/water bowls
·         Terrified of gunfire, thunder/lightening/fireworks wants to be inside close to you
·         Great watch dog

Friday, January 11, 2013

URGENT! Two Blind senior PB chocolate labrador need rescue now! only have until MONDAY! Greenville SC

Hannah and Ware are two bl ind purebred chocolate labradors.  They ONLY have until Monday SO please call the shelter if you can rescue them. Hannah was turned in as a stray- she is heartworm positive- she is about 45 lbs- she is blind- she has flea allergies- she doesn’t mind other dogs and cats- but prefers to be left alone- she cannot see anything, she will walk into a wall if she does not already know where she is. She has some missing teeth, she is about 9-12 yrs old. Very sweet girl Her time is up- she has until Monday at 11 am

Ware- he's 12 yrs old he was turned in as a stray also- he's heartworm positive, he's 63 lbs. He also cannot see anything, he is very active to be a 12 yr old dog- again this is just an estimate. He is very friendly- dog friendly- cat friendly- people friendly. We can only hold him till Monday at 11 am.
if you can help please call the rescue coordinator:

Andrea Sams
Animal Rescue Coordinator
328 Furman Hall Road
Greenville, SC 29609
864.467.3984 (office)
864.467.3294 (fax)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Honey a 13 year old yellow labrador needs home or rescue location is CT

Quick Stats:
13 year old Female Retriever Mix
45 lbs
Fatty cyst on her side - checked by vet within last 2 weeks
Currently receiving daily skin treatments and weekly medicated baths until her skin is completely healed.
Eats Senior Dog Food - no special Diet
LOVES to brush, be pet, belly rubs
Loves to go for walks
She can see and hear but not super well - figured her way around my place very quickly. 
 My great uncle had to go into a nursing home recently after he had fallen at home and could not get up. He is 92 and refused to leave his home because of his 13 year old dog, Honey. I had lined up a few prospective homes and drove to NY to keep her out of a pound but both fell through once I got her here and now I am stuck. I live in an apartment and already have 2 dogs who both came from rescues. We cannot have 3 here, nor can I support 3 dogs.
 Honey spent about 2 weeks at a kennel, recovering from some skin issues due to the conditions of my uncles house. She also has a fatty cyst on one side, but other than that, she had a physical at the vet and bloodwork and is healthy. Honey is a 46 lb retriever mix.
 Honey is very content relaxing on her blanket and chewing her bone, but also comes over and puts her head under your hand when she wants attention.  I took her for a walk yesterday with my 2 smaller dogs and she was great on a leash - kept up with us too.  She's always right next to me when cooking in the kitchen - waiting for something to drop on the floor.  :)  She has been great with my dogs, and was with many different animals in the shelter with no issues.  
please email to adopt or email caretaker Loria at:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adopt Marcia, a senior cat w ho is FIV positive needs home

Marcia is a calico lady, approx. 8 years old, is in good health, has had thorough medical exams, she is FIV positive, has mild cataracts, weak back legs (we think she had an accident years back) was abandonned by her owners when they moved, and was being fed and sheltered in a basement by the Super.  She has been in foster for a while, three so far, and has handled herself very well...Marcia would be so, so grateful if you could  find her forever home!!  please email for more info about Marcia.

15 Year Old Sissy needs home - owner went into nursing home - Spring TX

This is Sissy, she's 15 and her owner was sent to a nursing home and the women's daughter wants to find a home for Sissy. I am really needing your help to network her.I 've grown attached to her she gets along well with other dogs and is in fabulous shape for a 15 year old dog!!!  please network her!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


PetFinder Link:
City: Cambridge, OH
Cage Number /Name - Diesel
PHONE NUMBER: 740-432-2219
Diesel was surrendered because his owners were moving. He is eight years old and weighs 60 pounds. He was always kept as an outside dog so he needs to learn some inside manners. Diesel just needs a warm, cozy place to retire!!
If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application at Thank you for looking at dogs from the Guernsey County Dog Warden Dept. We are a county run facility in Cambridge, OH, We are NOT a no kill shelter! Unfortunately we must euthanize due to illness, aggression, or overcrowding. Adoption fee is $60. We only accept cash or checks. We cannot take debit or credit cards. Currently, any purebreds listed on our site for adoption MUST be spayed/neutered at adopters expense before leaving the shelter. No exceptions!!!! You may also call the shelter between the hours of 9-5 Mon through Fri and 9-3 on Saturday, for more information and our fax number if you would like us to fax you an application. Adoption hours are 10 to 4 through the week and 10 to 2 on Saturday unless special arrangements are made in advance!!!! If coming from out of town, please call first to make sure the dog you are interested in is still available. Approved rescues also welcome!!!!

7 year old bella a sweet hound mix needs rescue or home now - Palm City FLORIDA

PLEASE CONTACT HELEN STUART @772-223-8822  If Helen is not available, please call Operations Director, Candice Veach, @ 772-223-8822, ext. 3206. 

So glad to speak to you today about Bella who is a 7 yr old, fs, tan hound mix. She is microchipped and has all her vaccines and is ready for a new home. She was surrendered because the owner’s other dog didn’t like her and attacked her. In fact, she came in with a wound that was treated here. She lived with a cat and that went well. Also, a child under 5 years of age and was good with the child. She is very sweet and social – as you can see from her photos, she can use a little attention and affection.
I’m hoping you will be able to place her through your network, hopefully, by the end of next week. If you can’t reach me @772-223-8822, please call our Operations Director, Candice Veach, @ 772-223-8822, ext. 3206.
Both Bella and I thank you so much for all your help.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Adopt Sprinkles, lovely 8 year old female Dalmation - Brooklyn NY

Sprinkles is our 8 year old dalmation mix.....Stop by the shelter and spend time with her to see if she is the right match for you.
Sprinkles will thrive in a forever home and be your faithful companion. She will be responsive to positive reinforcement training. Our experienced staff is available to talk with you, answer your questions and provide advice on how to transition her to your home.
Sprinkles is spayed, dewormed, treated to prevent fleas & ticks and is up to date with vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $300.00 and she'll get one free exam at our vet's office, one free month of pet health insurance and a microchip. If you'd like to adopt her please call or visit...we are conveniently located in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn near the F train and we're open every day from 11am to 7pm.
Sprinkles can't wait to meet you!

Sean Casey Animal Rescue
153 E. 3 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218