Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feebee and Cid need new homes in shelter since Sept.!

My friend Cid and I had a home but our owner left the door open, so we went out to explore the world. When we were done exploring, we found ourselves lost and even though we tried hard, we just couldn't find our way back home. So we ended up in the shelter on 9/20 and have been waiting to get reclaimed since then. I think that our owner has given up on finding us therefore we need a new home! We are both older dogs, around 8 years but happy and easy going. People say that I have the most beautiful eyes...kind of like a Husky! We are fine going to different homes, as long as we don't have to stay in this loud and crowded place we are at now. I'm house trained and good with children. I don't mind other dogs and I am very easy going. All I need is LOVE and affection. Would you please consider giving me a new home? When you adopt me, I will get micro chipped and all my shots will be up to date. Please come meet me and play with me...My ID# is 548655 and I am in run 21 with Cid and I weigh 27 lbs. When calling the shelter about a cat or dog, please use THE ID NUMBER, the names are oftentimes made up by volunteers. This beautiful pet and many others need a forever, loving home and are available for adoption from the Cobb County Animal Shelter, 1060 Al Bishop Drive Marietta, Georgia 30008, call (770) 499-4136 for more information. Read More about this Pet Read Less