Monday, December 24, 2012

Bob needs rescue now! Senior Beagle at Ohio shelter - dogs are NOT walked they sit in cages 24/7

CONTACT:  Toni Kennett 
Bob is an older, sweet beagle who finds himself in a tiny rural dog pound where the dogs stay in their cages 24/7 until they are killed or rescued.  The pound does nothing other than put them on petfinder.
This area of Ohio has quite a few hunters - so at one time, Bob may have belonged to a hunter before he got too old. 
Now Bob's only hope of escape from a dreary, deadend existence for the remainder of his life is for an adopter or rescue to take pity on him.
There is some pull and transport help available for this boy.
Senior Pets NYC will help pay for neuter for Bob.  Please don't let him die sitting in a kennel 24/7.
CONTACT:  Toni Kennett