Sunday, December 16, 2012

18 year old lab mix dumped into shelter!!! owner just walks away

Just as our Lobby opened on Friday morning, a well appointed woman walked an elderly lab-mix through the front door.
"I want to surrender my dog. She's eighteen and has kidney disease."

Our Executive Director took the time to speak with her, reminding her how lucky she was to have had her loving pet for so long, and how hard it would be for the pet to face end of life issues in a strange environment.                          She offered to help her to the best of the Shelter's ability by providing specialty food, if only she would reconsider abandoning the dog. After ten minutes of discussion, Suzi was confident that the woman understood the importance of standing by her obligation to love her pet as unconditionally as it loved her.
Guess who's not going to be home for the holidays?
Fifteen minutes later, a staff member saw an unforgivable sight. In broad daylight, on busy Boca Rio Road, the woman had tied her dog to our fence. We immediately brought the dog in and provided K/D food and water.

When you visit our shelter, the faces you see in the Runs are those of happy, healthy dogs. Eyes bright and tails wagging in anticipation of a new home. Now we have a picture as heart wrenching as those you see on TV; the blank, demoralized face of an animal who has lost her life line, her person, her heart.

TriCounty Humane Society is meeting its mission to serve; "Animals Under Protection." "Friday," at eighteen years of age, is not homeless. She will have a home here for as long as she needs. In time, we hope the the tender love and kindness employed by our staff and volunteers will help make an impact of this poor, rejected animal. Soon she'll realize that she's not alone, and that she is loved. Friday will come to understand that while once abandoned, she will never be abandoned again. She'll always have a warm, quiet bed; healthy food; love and attention.

If you read this and something inside you says 'I want to make a difference in a shelter pets life' we invite you to join us in loving and caring for these dogs and cats until they can find their forever home. Even if that home is here.

Friday is available through our Foster Program. Please contact the Shelter if you would like more information. If you would like to help with her special needs, we are accepting donations of K/D food. The owner disclosed some medical problems, and we anticipate finding more after she's been evaluated by a veterinarian.
You can make donations for Friday through our website,or by mail or at the Shelter. You can call us at:561-482-8110. 
Thank you.