Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two cute bonded puggles need a home!

Two bonded puggles need home now.

hi .. meet Jack and Diesel.. 7 year male neutered puggles. They were given up because Jack did not take kindly to the new children in the household. They shared a home contently with cats but when the children arrived jack was not happy. They are very much attached the hip which is why the owner gave up both and not just jack. They are crate trained, and like being together in the crate, but as you can see they love to run together also. They could definitely do with loosing a couple of pounds, but as you can see they have the best of both breeds, as a pug.. they have great temperament and that cute curly tail, but as beagles the have the more pronounced snout so they do not have the breathing difficulties and facial and eye infection problems commonly seen in pugs. Puggles are really an excellent breed and quite hardy dogs!


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