Monday, October 22, 2012

Rescue or adopt 10 year old husky chained to dog house owner will surrender - W VA

I am writing because Toby, a sweet, good natured, 10 year old Husky needs a rescue to give him safe haven until he can get to a new home.
 He is chained to a dog house 24 / 7. 
 The good news for this sweet fellow is that his owner has agreed to let him go to a new home. Now we need to find a safe haven for Toby.
 His story is that he belonged to one man for the first 8 years of his life. I don't know how he was cared for by the first owner. I do know that he is not neutered and he is not up to date on his shots. The first owner was in the service and when he was called for an overseas tour of duty he decided to take Toby to a shelter. The current owner was a friend of the first owner, so he took Toby to save him from going to the shelter. The second owner paid attention to Toby at first, but then was called up for a tour of duty himself and has since had two children. This has all resulted in a miserable existence for Toby.  
 I am friends with the second owner's step-mother and she asked me to see if I could help find a new home or a rescue for Toby.  
 The weather is getting cold in West Virginia. Soon poor old Toby will have no relief from the rain, snow, cold days and nights.
 Another rescue has offered to help with his medical expenses if we can find a rescue who will take him.
 I think it would be best for Toby if I could go ahead and get him, get him vetted and ready for a new home. I am not able to take him to my home. I could potentially have him boarded for a week or two, if necessary. I do not know how he is with cats. He is not aggressive with other dogs or people.
Will all of you please network and see what you can do to help me rescue this poor boy? If we can get a rescue, we will arrange for transport to get him to a new home.

I live in Huntington, West Virginia and you can contact me at 304 544 5891, 
 or email me at:
Thank you in advance for anything you are able to do to help Toby.

Courtney Cross