Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Revised list - rescue closing - rescuer needs help with dogs - Wilson, NC

Hi rescue community.  Cindy has been rescuing for 12 years but due to her health, she can no longer keep
her rescue open.  These are the dogs I have photos of.  If you can help Cindy please call her instead of
emailing as it is easier for her.  The location is Wilson, NC.  Thank you.  If you can take even one dog,  please call Cindy  252-237-8963 if you can help her with any of these dogs.  Most of the small ones are older dogs.

  Betsy  - 3 legged beagle needs diet!


Buddy chihuahua




  Laddie corgi mix

  Matilda little black lab mix

Samantha adorable female beagle

  Tanner chihuahua

Toby little beagle mix

Lady 5 year old female beagle under 20 lbs!

All these dogs need rescue before end of October!!!