Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gorgeous 7 year old female purebred chocolate labrador Snoopy needs a rescue or home - Rock Hill SC

Snoopy is a 7 year old female brown lab born in July 2005. She is AKC registered 
and is a wonderful dog. 
However, Snoopy is beginning to have problems with incontinence and 
looses control of her bladder, and leaks where she is laying. This is 
becoming difficult in the house. We have been to our Vet and his opinion 
is that it has been too long of a period and no medication will prevent 
or reduce this problem. Because of this I had decided to put her 
down,and the Vet even supported me on my position. I would like to know 
if there is somewhere Snoopy can go to live out her life. She is still 
full of energy, enjoys going out in the morning and then jumping with 
joy for a cookie. Other than this issue there does not seem to be any 
other health problems that anyone can find. I wanted to see if you knew 
of someone/somewhere that could take her and deal with this problem.

note: I spoke to her owner Christine. She is very open to rescue and does not
want to put Snoopy down.  the vet told her Snoopy is on the borderline for
cushing's.  Snoopy does not have access to go out when she needs to, there
is not dog door.  Rescue seems to be her only option now.  If you can help Snoopy, please email the owner at wjsilvonic@comporium.net or
you can email carrie@outtopasture.org who is also trying to help Snoopy get into a rescue.