Friday, October 5, 2012

Adopt Titan, 7 year old staffordshire terrier lovely brindle coat

Titan is a Staffordshire Terrier who’s 7 years old. His name is Titan. He’s really the most loveable, affectionate, compassionate, and intelligent dog I’ve ever seen or had the pleasure of knowing! I love him dearly, but unfortunately I’m no longer able to care for him in the way he needs to be. I’ve been living in NY for going on 3 years and due to my work, my schedule is always very demanding and also a little random and unpredictable...but Titan and I have managed. I’ve recently been offered to do my work outside of the country and I’ll be leaving soon and unfortunately I’m not able to take him with me. I’ve asked family, friends, and had family and friends ask other family and friends if they know anyone who would be able to care for him, but literally everyone says they’re not able to take him in. I’m so terrified of taking him to a shelter or animal control because I know they’re going to euthanize him, and the very thought of that makes me emotional. Titan is VERY adoptable. He’s good with cats, dogs and kids. I have a gang of small children in my family and he’s good with them all, and the first 2 years of his life he lived with a cat and he’s been socialized with other dogs growing up as well.  if you want to adopt Titan, please email for application or email owner at