Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adopt Shadow 8 year old flat coated retriever mix

My son agreed to foster this lovely lab mix in Cornwall, NY after her family dropped her at a local shelter, due to losing their home, where she was totally traumatized. 
She's 8-9 yrs old.  BEAUTIFUL, in excellent health, bonds quickly, loyal, loves long hikes and playing w/toys.  One tiny issue is that she can occasionally nip/bite.  She's done so w/him 2 times since April.  We've seen a behaviorist and she felt Shadow has some "guarding" issues - not food, etc.  She's fine w/other dogs.  Don't know re cats.  Obviously shouldn't be w/kids.
I ran an ad and a lady adopted her.  We told her to go very slowly but after just a wk, she started grooming her and Shadow bit her.  She was returned to the shelter and once again, my son came to her rescue.  He adopted her but cannot keep her due to travel plans.
If you are a patient person and a dog experienced person and would like to meet Shadow, please email  or call:
(917) 364-6904 

all applicants will be screened and a home check is required.