Friday, September 28, 2012

Returned to owner! Senior lab/newfoundland abandoned needs rescue or home now - in garage cannot stay there - Poconos PA

Contact is : Lisa at

This is the story I got: About a week ago, security saw this dog tied to a tree with a food and water bowl in front of a house.  When they went back later, the dog was gone. Later the dog was found wandering and security brought the dog to Ethel.  Ethel and her husband have a reputation of trying to help animals in that development and somehow security always feels they can bring found dogs there.  Ethel asked security to check on the owner of the house that originally had the dog tied.  They said they were unsuccessful.   I don't know if he was left there and someone untied him, only to find they cannot keep him. The dog was not walking very well and something was wrong with his eye.  She brought the dog to the vet and he has a tumor in his eye.  This can be removed but she does not have the money to do this.  Drops were given to relieve pressure in the eye.  She was also told the dog has bad knees.  I don't know if that means cruciate ligament. Ethel is keeping the dog in her garage on a blanket.  She has 2 large dogs inside and cannot keep him inside He is a male, over 80 lbs, neutered, about 10-12 years old, no chip.  He is housebroken b/c he barks when he has to go out.  
I'm limiting my search for a lost dog to this area b/c with the way she describes his walking, I don't think he could've traveled far.  He is not thin either.  My guess is he was abandoned but request that everyone check their records to see if they find a lost dog that fits this description.
 Needless to say, he needs a home.  If anyone can help, please let me know.  He's a poor old senior soul.  Look at that face. :( sad