Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gorgeous senior norwegian forest cat mix needs foster or home now NJ

Contact Lisa:
*Owners Will Euthanize!
*MELO, A beautiful  cat  is in desperate need of an immediate foster.  He is an absolutely gorgeous, loving, lap cat. The people are moving and also have "no time" to care for Melo any longer after 13 yrs of devotion (from the cat, not the people!) Anyway, here is a description and pictures of Melo. We must help him, can you please cross post. Transport and *all medical will be done. IF anyone can foster, MKK will take responsibility in finding Melo a loving home. This cat would be an amazing companion as he loves other cats and people. He also just lost his feline buddy and needs a new friend. Please, let's find this kitty a new home. The owner will euthanize!

*Melo is a 13 year old part Norwegian Forest cat. This is the largest breed of domestic cats. They have very loving social personalities. Melo meets all of these breed characteristics. He is 27lbs. He had a partial lion cut to keep him cool for the summer which is growing in. He loves to be near you and even thinks he is a lap cat. He can still get on a lower couch but as he has gotten older, so arthritis has prevented him from jumping higher.
His favorite activity is sleep but still enjoys small periods of play. He loves to be brushed and can hear the brush from the other room and comes almost running. Still enjoys his cat nip.