Saturday, September 1, 2012

Darby, cute senior jack russell terrier for adoption location is SC

She is precious, and I thought she was probably here to stay, given her frailties.  But if you do well finding homes for seniors,   wondering if there is something that could be done with her, too.  She was rescued by the Russell Rescue of Boston (Helen Higgins), who has put a lot of money into her vet bills.  She is healthy now, but has a rotated left, rear leg  due to surgery some time in the past. She is able to use the leg for normal walking, but picks it up and runs 3-legged.   And we are guessing that she has collapsed trachea, as she gets choked up with too much strenuous activity (playing/tumbling with my cattle dog), joining the big dogs in revelry with the neighbor's  dogs, or barking too much.  She is the smartest, sweetest little devil I've ever known.  Jacks are known for their intelligence and drive; she still has it.  I'm guessing her age at about 9.  please email

sandi at if you are interested in adopting Darby at