Monday, September 24, 2012

Adopt/Rescue George, 10 year old male bealge Cresskill NJ

Meet George.  George is a 10 year old male bealge who weighs about 43 pounds., Well house-trained, sheds little, and generally very low-maintenance. he is very affectionate but generally docile, sleeping much of the day. He snores loudly all the time!. He does like to take daily short walks. he gets tired on long walks. he also seems to have some trouble going up and down stairs. I think he has some arthritis in his joints perhaps.

Because George can be testy in certain situations and will snip at you if you try to rush him or physically move him when he is resting or half asleep, we cannot recommend a home with kids. If you scold him for anything, he may turn to you and growl meekly. His owner needs to understand this and not have children who may provoke that sort of reaction in him. Mostly he is a very lovable and friendly dog who doesn't cause any problems. Certainly a nice companion for someone who needs a dog.
This dog is with the owner.  applications will be accepted, home check required.
email if you want to adopt George.