Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adopt Jake, 12 year old beagle/basset hound

Jake is a 12 year old male neutered beagle/basset hound who has lived with the same owner since age 1.
Jake eats twice daily. His meal consists of 1 cup kibble with a little water, 1 Tbs wet dog food and 1 Tbs yogurt.
Jake is friendly with other dogs although occasionally there is a dog in which he has a personality conflict. Concerning cats, he avoids them.
Jake is a "laid back" kinda guy who enjoys his three daily walks and two feedings. He was adopted twenve years ago when he was a year old. He has lived a quiet life with my son, husband and myself.  Jake loves attention. Although not a "lap" dog, he welcomes being petted, especially on his belly, neck and behind the ears. Do this a couple of times a day and he's happy. He can "high five", he knows the come and sit commands and for a treat he'll do almost anything. 
Jake, being an older dog, has peeing accidents and he's a little hard of hearing. 
Unfortunately, Jake is territorial with small children up to about second or third grade. He'll lunge at and graze them.  Jake cannot go to a home with young kids.
He is a cute, spry senior who can easily go up and down stairs.
If you would like to give Jake his new home, please email for an adoption application.