Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adopt Ella, adorable senior beagle/shepherd mix in CT

 Owner is trying to find a new home for Ella, an 11 year old beagle/German Shepherd mix, around 40 lbs. She is good with other pets and toddlers. We are in Bridgeport, CT. We recently took Ella for some friends who were moving to England.  It was a hasty decision, motivated by the desire to keep her out of a kill shelter where they lived. After trying to make things work for several months, we have decided to wait until our babies are much older before getting another pet.

Ella is obedient, doesn't chew, totally house trained, only barks to alert you of visitors, she is calm, and very affectionate. She goes for a run with my husband a few days a week, and likes to chase balls. She misses her old family and seems anxious at times, she needs lots of love. She would do best with owners who love to pet their dog and be licked and who are around more! Can you help me find a home for her? Attached is her picture. please email joansdogs@aol.com for adoption application.