Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adopt Chloe, beautiful female blue kitty needs home NJ location

Chloe is a spayed, vaccinated, NEG for FIV/FeLV, 10 year old silly, princess like, long haired Russian Blue..  Chloe never had a good life as her first home kept her in a closet where she resided for 7 years and in her second home, she lived underneath the bathroom sink.  Chloe craves attention and will sometimes get upset when you stop petting her and bat you with her paw. She also gives kitty kiss bites so anyone who is interested in adopting her MUST understand kitty kiss bites as such and not aggression.. Chloe would be best in a dog free home with a few other kitties.. The last half of Chloe's life has been overwhelming living with 20 other cats and she needs a place to calm down, relax and have a patient family who will understand her quirts and who will help her to understand true love.. Chloe is shaved in these pictures because when I found her she was so mated that her skin was peeling off. She is truly a long haired blue.. By the way, she LOVES her new hair cut and will strut her stuff to prove it to you..
Adoption application is required. email: enlightened34@aol.com