Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rescue or adopt Merry a 7 year old female lab mix great with kids - Smyrna TN

My name is Shelley Walters, and I was referred to you by Pet Adoption Service in Murfreesboro.  My family and I moved to Smyrna about two months ago, and we have a wonderful Black Lab mix named Merry.  Unfortunately, we are renting a home that is not a good fit for her, and I am hoping to find a loving family that would like to adopt her.
Merry is seven years old, and we adopted her from Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Southern California in September 2005 when she was about 8 months old. For the past seven years, she has been a wonderful member of our family.  She has never been to the vet for medical problems.  She has been spayed, and she is up to date on all her vaccinations.  She is a very mellow dog and is extremely gentle.  We have a two year old and a baby, and she is excellent with them both.  She is very much a people-dog, who enjoys hanging out with her family and going on walks.
We had a very difficult time finding a home to rent in the Nashville area and ended up settling on a house that has no fence (which I now know is common in TN).  The landlords will also only allow her in a small hardwood area of the home.  As a mother of two young children and a husband who travels for his job, I am not able to get her out on regular walks.  As a result, she spends her outside time tied up, and she is miserable.
The Pet Adoption Service said that you are awesome at helping find great homes for dogs!  Thank you so much in advance for your consideration. email -

Friday, September 28, 2012

Adopt Paris, a nice female kitty who has had a hard life so far NY

Paris has not had an easy life. This beautiful Torbie girl was dumped by her owner at a kill shelter, she was rescued, and then viciously attacked by the dominant male cat at her fosters, she jumped thru a screen window to get away and fell two stories into an alley below. After suffering severe injuries, including the loss of sight in one eye, she was nursed back to health and placed in a great home ...but her new owner decided she no longer had time for Paris when she got a boyfriend, and Paris found herself dumped yet again.
The attack Paris suffered left her traumatized and leery of other cats, and now, due to the aggressive nature of the resident cats at her fosters, she is relegated to an isolated (and very cold) existence on the porch where she cannot remain.Paris needs a break!
Paris is a sweet girl. She loves affection but prefers to spend time sitting beside you rather than being held or in your lap.
She has excellent grooming and litter box habits and only eats high quality dry food. She likes to explore...and when she is done exploring she will curl up on the ottoman and just snooze, happy to commune with you. Paris is slow to acclimate to other cats, which is understandable considering how badly she was attacked and how many homes she has lost, due to crappy humans. She would be fine with one mellow friendly cat and a patient loving human, but not multiple or dominant cats. Paris has so much to give and is sadly and patiently waiting for a human to give it to.

Paris is 5 years old, fiv/felv negative, spayed UTD on shots and is so very deserving of a FOREVER home!
Please contact for an application.

Returned to owner! Senior lab/newfoundland abandoned needs rescue or home now - in garage cannot stay there - Poconos PA

Contact is : Lisa at

This is the story I got: About a week ago, security saw this dog tied to a tree with a food and water bowl in front of a house.  When they went back later, the dog was gone. Later the dog was found wandering and security brought the dog to Ethel.  Ethel and her husband have a reputation of trying to help animals in that development and somehow security always feels they can bring found dogs there.  Ethel asked security to check on the owner of the house that originally had the dog tied.  They said they were unsuccessful.   I don't know if he was left there and someone untied him, only to find they cannot keep him. The dog was not walking very well and something was wrong with his eye.  She brought the dog to the vet and he has a tumor in his eye.  This can be removed but she does not have the money to do this.  Drops were given to relieve pressure in the eye.  She was also told the dog has bad knees.  I don't know if that means cruciate ligament. Ethel is keeping the dog in her garage on a blanket.  She has 2 large dogs inside and cannot keep him inside He is a male, over 80 lbs, neutered, about 10-12 years old, no chip.  He is housebroken b/c he barks when he has to go out.  
I'm limiting my search for a lost dog to this area b/c with the way she describes his walking, I don't think he could've traveled far.  He is not thin either.  My guess is he was abandoned but request that everyone check their records to see if they find a lost dog that fits this description.
 Needless to say, he needs a home.  If anyone can help, please let me know.  He's a poor old senior soul.  Look at that face. :( sad  

Rescue or adopt Pumpkin - a sweet female senior terrier mix in York PA

Contact is - or call directly 717-659-8221


After twelve years of love and loyalty Pumpkin was left at the shelter because her guardian was moving and decided not to take her along.  Pumpkin is sweet, sensitive, spunky and so, so cute!!!!  She is the whole package and does well with dogs, cats and kids!!!! She is a terrier mix about 30 pounds. There is nothing about this girl that isn't wonderful and she sits at the shelter wondering what she has done to deserve this abandonment....SO sad.  She often comes to visit my cubicle and stays awhile, content to escape the chaos of the kennel and she is a perfect cubicle visitor, complete with perfect etiquette and happy to be by my side.  Despite the fact that Pumpkin is twelve years young, she is spry and animated!  People bring her so much happiness making it all that much more sad that she is now mostly confined to a run.  As I type this Pumpkin is laying at my feet content to be here with me.  Pumpkin would really like to find a rescue willing to give her a loving foster home so that she can begin the next chapter of her life in a more comfortable way.  If you can help Pumpkin please contact me ASAP....Pumpkin is waiting!!!  please email Lisa at

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rescue or home needed for Ginger! outside NY

Donna Duff Hauser -
Transport available!

Ginger was taken from a bad situation here in Ohio,  I"m desperate to find a place for this sweet girl. 

Ginger is 13, but you'd never know it.  She's in good shape, loves to take walks (walks great on a leash), and loves her treats. She's 45 pounds and needs to put on at least 15 more.  Her owners fed her just enough to keep her alive, and she lived outside on rocks.  She's been treated for worms successfully and is heartworm negative.  She can be spayed and have her shots if that will help place her. 

She is VERY friendly and is good with kids, cats and other dogs.  She's really a very nice dog with a sweet personality and would make a wonderful pet.  She isn't totally housetrained, but has spent the last two nights at a volunteer's house, and, with someone taking her outside on a regular basis, she's had no accidents.
 transport available from Ohio.

Peanut needs a home - left shelter but still in need - 12 year old hound mix Tarboro NC

This is peanut, a 12 year old male hound mix.  He is out of the shelter BUT he still needs a home!
looks how peaceful he is in the second photo!!  how cute!!!

He is a Great Dane/Lab mix. Approx 13 yrs young.
Peanut was picked up as a stray. But there must have been a time in his life where someone cared for him. He is completely housebroken. (he came to me that way). He is a very laid back, take it easy kinda dude. He gets along with my other dogs, both small and large. Matter of fact, he pays them no mind. He is neutered and UTD on his shots. Peanut LOVES car rides, especially if he can stick his head out the window.
He needs a family who will be with him alot. He does not need to be crated. He just wants to be with his person.

Sandy says he is one of the best dogs she has ever fostered!!! He gets along with dogs too!  If you have a loving forever home for Peanut, please email Sandy!  transport can always be arranged! adopting a senior dog is a wonderful thing to do!! email:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rescue or Adopt Toby, sweet 8 year old poodle lived alone in house for 6 months - YORK PA

CONTACT IS LISA - or call her at the shelter directly 717-659-8221
If you need help getting Toby to you, please let me know - I can help organize rescue/transport if needed! (evenings and weekends only pls) - Sue (for transport requests only)


This poor sweet little guy was left to fend for himself for six months when his guardian went into a nursing home.  Toby and his siblings were thrown food by a caring neighbor and they had access to a trailer but nothing more.  Toby is a healthy, 30-lb,  eight year old neutered male with love for other animals and all people.  The problem is that Toby is becoming more and more nervous the longer he is here.  Toby is a sensitive, sweet soul in search of a less stressful environment.  Please, if you are able to help Toby contact me ASAP.  If not, please crosspost him far and wide in an attempt to give him his "happily ever after".
Thank you,
 Lisa Belsinger
 Rescue Coordinator
 York SPCA


Monday, September 24, 2012

Owner died, four 10 year old female cats seek rescue or homes! can be separated Brookfield CT





These are four spayed female cats approximately age 10. Owner died and they are at Brookfield
Animal Hospital - if you can rescue OR adopt any one of them, please call Brookfield at
203-775-3679 or email the contact Carol at
all cats are up to date on shots and spayed.

Adopt/Rescue George, 10 year old male bealge Cresskill NJ

Meet George.  George is a 10 year old male bealge who weighs about 43 pounds., Well house-trained, sheds little, and generally very low-maintenance. he is very affectionate but generally docile, sleeping much of the day. He snores loudly all the time!. He does like to take daily short walks. he gets tired on long walks. he also seems to have some trouble going up and down stairs. I think he has some arthritis in his joints perhaps.

Because George can be testy in certain situations and will snip at you if you try to rush him or physically move him when he is resting or half asleep, we cannot recommend a home with kids. If you scold him for anything, he may turn to you and growl meekly. His owner needs to understand this and not have children who may provoke that sort of reaction in him. Mostly he is a very lovable and friendly dog who doesn't cause any problems. Certainly a nice companion for someone who needs a dog.
This dog is with the owner.  applications will be accepted, home check required.
email if you want to adopt George.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gorgeous senior norwegian forest cat mix needs foster or home now NJ

Contact Lisa:
*Owners Will Euthanize!
*MELO, A beautiful  cat  is in desperate need of an immediate foster.  He is an absolutely gorgeous, loving, lap cat. The people are moving and also have "no time" to care for Melo any longer after 13 yrs of devotion (from the cat, not the people!) Anyway, here is a description and pictures of Melo. We must help him, can you please cross post. Transport and *all medical will be done. IF anyone can foster, MKK will take responsibility in finding Melo a loving home. This cat would be an amazing companion as he loves other cats and people. He also just lost his feline buddy and needs a new friend. Please, let's find this kitty a new home. The owner will euthanize!

*Melo is a 13 year old part Norwegian Forest cat. This is the largest breed of domestic cats. They have very loving social personalities. Melo meets all of these breed characteristics. He is 27lbs. He had a partial lion cut to keep him cool for the summer which is growing in. He loves to be near you and even thinks he is a lap cat. He can still get on a lower couch but as he has gotten older, so arthritis has prevented him from jumping higher.
His favorite activity is sleep but still enjoys small periods of play. He loves to be brushed and can hear the brush from the other room and comes almost running. Still enjoys his cat nip.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Two 12 year old tuxedo cats need new home as guardian no longer able to care for them NYC

Sadly, we are looking for a new home for two cats whose guardian is too sick to continue caring for them.  Their guardian, a PAWS NY client, is dependent on oxygen and also suffers from dementia.  Over the last couple of months, her condition has worsened considerably and she is being moved into permanent hospice care.  Unfortunately, her beloved cats Louie and Billy are now in need of a new home.  Over the last two years, PAWS NY volunteers have been helping our client care for her cats.  These cats are her only family, and it's so sad to know that they must be separated from her.  We promised the client we would do everything we can to ensure the safety and well-being of her cats; this is all she cares about.  We are looking for someone to either foster or adopt these sweet boys, who are both approximately 12 years old.  For more information, please contact PAWS NY at or (917) 733-2170.

Sampson needs a home - finally out of the hospital! Oakland, NJ

Contact to adopt Sampson.  Please visit to donate to his care or adopt him!

 Sampson is out of the hospital !!  and resting comfortably on his bed at the shelter. 
He will be posted on Ramapo Bergen Animal Refugee Inc's  petfinder page shortly.
He still has a lot of medical issues pending but he's out of the hospital and NEEDS A HOME!!!!
Surely one of his many, many fans has room in their home for this sweet guy.
  Please crosspost and share far and wide for Sampson

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Senior Shelter Dogs in Hughesville Maryland need rescue now!!!

Tri-County Animal Shelter has four senior dogs that are really in need of rescue now.
Here is the informaton on the shelter, and then the dogs.

Tiffanye Ogg
Rescue Coordinator
Tri-County Animal Shelter
6707 Animal Shelter Road
Hughesville, MD 20637

A sheltie age 10, PB male yellow lab age 10, female 13 yr old beagle, and a pomeranian age 8.
All are in need of rescue now!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Senior Dogs for Adoption at BCAS Burlington Co. Animal Shelter in NJ

These senior dogs need new homes!! They are located at Burlington Co. Animal Shelter,
Mt Holly NJ 609-265-5073  

EMMA D49776
Emma is a very nice 7 year old female staffie mix weighing about 65 lbs.  She was sadly surrendered by her family who state she is crate trained, already spayed, and good with kids and adults.  She is very friendly, and would rather be your one and only, so no other dogs or cats, please.  She was very easy to walk on her leash and would benefit from a regular exercise program so she keeps her girlish figure.  The really nice aspect of adopting an older dog is that they are done with all that silly puppy stuff and are ready to settle right down with you!  Emma seems to be a sweet girl that would adapt quickly to a new routine and family, so please take a look at her soon.  She does have one request though: please don’t take her outside in a thunderstorm.  She REALLY doesn’t like them!  All in all, Emma is a relatively quiet and very pleasant girl, who deserves a new family to love and take care of her.

GINGER D48408 Shar Pei
Wrinkles come with age- but Shar Peis have them all the time. Ginger is a sweet 8 year old whose owner could no longer take care of her. They said Ginger is crate and formally trained. Ginger is a friendly girl who walks nicely on the leash, takes treats gently and is a bit of a snuggler. Ginger does seem a bit underweight- that is easily fixed with some TLC.  Please come meet this beautiful dog and give her a chance at a forever home.

ZENNA D49620
Zenna was surrendered by her owners due to a hardship. She is a sweet, 7 year old girl and walks nicely on a leash. She is a little timid in her new surroundings, but once outside she was fine. Her former owner says she does not like loud voices, but who really does??  Wouldn't you like to come out and meet Zenna and see if she is your next best friend?

Noodle D50062 and Caboodle D50061
two shih tzu would love a home together!

Noodle is a 16 pound 8 year old little girl who together with her housemate Caboodle (D-50061) strayed away from home. She is friendly and is a terrific little walker... She needed to be shaved because of severe matting.  It would be wonderful if she and her companion could stay together in their new forever home...
Caboodle is a 17 pound 8 year old little girl who together with her housemate Noodle (D-50062) strayed away from home. She is friendly and is a terrific little walker...but takes time out for belly rubs. She needed to be shaved because of severe matting.  It would be wonderful if she and her companion could stay together in their new forever home...

ANGEL small poodle age 13

Hi, my name is Angel and I am a 13 yr old female Poodle who is looking for a nice home where I can be appreciated and loved!  I am very friendly, but not hyper. I love to go on my leash for walks and I really love attention!  My former owners say i am housetrained, good with other dogs and that I love everyone, especially my favorite stuffed animals!  Won't you come pay me a visit at the shelter?  I'd really love to find my new home soon!

Adopt Jake, 12 year old beagle/basset hound

Jake is a 12 year old male neutered beagle/basset hound who has lived with the same owner since age 1.
Jake eats twice daily. His meal consists of 1 cup kibble with a little water, 1 Tbs wet dog food and 1 Tbs yogurt.
Jake is friendly with other dogs although occasionally there is a dog in which he has a personality conflict. Concerning cats, he avoids them.
Jake is a "laid back" kinda guy who enjoys his three daily walks and two feedings. He was adopted twenve years ago when he was a year old. He has lived a quiet life with my son, husband and myself.  Jake loves attention. Although not a "lap" dog, he welcomes being petted, especially on his belly, neck and behind the ears. Do this a couple of times a day and he's happy. He can "high five", he knows the come and sit commands and for a treat he'll do almost anything. 
Jake, being an older dog, has peeing accidents and he's a little hard of hearing. 
Unfortunately, Jake is territorial with small children up to about second or third grade. He'll lunge at and graze them.  Jake cannot go to a home with young kids.
He is a cute, spry senior who can easily go up and down stairs.
If you would like to give Jake his new home, please email for an adoption application.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adopt Chloe, beautiful female blue kitty needs home NJ location

Chloe is a spayed, vaccinated, NEG for FIV/FeLV, 10 year old silly, princess like, long haired Russian Blue..  Chloe never had a good life as her first home kept her in a closet where she resided for 7 years and in her second home, she lived underneath the bathroom sink.  Chloe craves attention and will sometimes get upset when you stop petting her and bat you with her paw. She also gives kitty kiss bites so anyone who is interested in adopting her MUST understand kitty kiss bites as such and not aggression.. Chloe would be best in a dog free home with a few other kitties.. The last half of Chloe's life has been overwhelming living with 20 other cats and she needs a place to calm down, relax and have a patient family who will understand her quirts and who will help her to understand true love.. Chloe is shaved in these pictures because when I found her she was so mated that her skin was peeling off. She is truly a long haired blue.. By the way, she LOVES her new hair cut and will strut her stuff to prove it to you..
Adoption application is required. email:

Adopt Ella, adorable senior beagle/shepherd mix in CT

 Owner is trying to find a new home for Ella, an 11 year old beagle/German Shepherd mix, around 40 lbs. She is good with other pets and toddlers. We are in Bridgeport, CT. We recently took Ella for some friends who were moving to England.  It was a hasty decision, motivated by the desire to keep her out of a kill shelter where they lived. After trying to make things work for several months, we have decided to wait until our babies are much older before getting another pet.

Ella is obedient, doesn't chew, totally house trained, only barks to alert you of visitors, she is calm, and very affectionate. She goes for a run with my husband a few days a week, and likes to chase balls. She misses her old family and seems anxious at times, she needs lots of love. She would do best with owners who love to pet their dog and be licked and who are around more! Can you help me find a home for her? Attached is her picture. please email for adoption application. 

Foster/Adopt Lucy, senior female shepherd/chow mix - Stroudsberg PA

Attached are some pics of Lucy.  She was found wandering with no id, very overweight, fur and skin in terrible condition, flea infested, and worst of all, a large fish hook embedded in her left rear side.  (No doubt she was a dog that was chained outside.)  She has been under a vets care; the fishook has been removed, her fur is improving, and no more fleas.  She is super friendly; no issues with other dogs or cats.  She loves everyone.  It is hard to imagine anyone neglecting her so badly given her sweet temperament. She is an older girl who can hopefully live out her remaining years being cared for as she deserves.  Please crosspost to anyone you know who loves seniors and might be willing to help this lady.  Please contact or call 570-350-8798.

Adopt Wyatt, lovely 7 year old male weimeraner Brooklyn NY

Wyatt is a beautiful male neutered 7 year old purebred Weimeraner that needs a new home as
owner circumstances have changed.  He is good with dogs.  He is very sweet and well behaved in
the home.  House/yard preferred.  Please email for adoption application.
All applicants will be screened and a home visit is required.

Ruby and Rudy need homes! Putnam Co. location

This is Ruby top and Rudy bottom.  Ruby was handed into a kill shelter in SC with Rudy.  The owner had a change in life style and had no more time for either of his dogs.  Ruby is 6 years old, spayed and up to date with all shots.  She is also micro chipped.  She is a Chihuahua  mix and 12 lbs.  Ruby is healthy.  I would love to place the two dogs together.  They have been through a horrible time.  They are both being transported to NY on the day they were to be put to sleep.  I need your help to find a forever home.  Please see Rudy in another e-mail.  I can be reached at

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful abandoned mostly white female cat needs rescue or home

 Annie is a perfect snuggle bug cat, she is loving and quiet, with clear green eyes.  owner moved and just lefther, she is a senoir not sure of age but she is so pretty.  please email if you are interested
in adopting her.  Brooklyn location

URGENT 4 female sr bealges dumped need committment by tuesday sept 18th


URGENT: 4 BEAGLES - Female in IMMEDIATE DANGER of being EUTHANIZED. Can you help? I will pay to get these 4 girls out of the shelter, pay for the spay for each, rabies shot, parvo/distemper short, check for heart worms; grooming and nails cut. Once I know I have a CONFIRMED place for them to go, I will get them out. My friends and I will collect money the money as soon as we KNOW we have placement. I need to get them out ASAP. The shelter is full and they will be the first to be euthanized because they are OLD and beagles come a dime a dozen in the parts. Can you take these girls into your rescue; especially since all medical costs will be taken care of before you get them? Is there an individual who is interested in adopting? Can you foster these girls after surgery for 2-6 weeks, depending on how quickly I can get them out? I don't know any more than what I have told you about them. PLEASE HELP. If I don't get them out by this coming Tuesday, September 18th - they are in danger of being euthanized. Please help me get them placed ASAP.

Alice Singh