Friday, August 24, 2012

ADOPTED!!!great cat MOYSA in Brooklyn needs rescue or home or will go to shelter aug 30 Brooklyn NY

MOSYA was rescued from the Brooklyn streets about 5 years ago by my elderly Russian neighbor.  For years she fed all of the neighborhood strays jumping fences well in to her 70's so that she could reach all of the cats in need of food.  Sadly my neighbor died last week leaving behind Mosya. Her son asked for my help in finding safe placement for him. If I can't find a home for Mosya by August 30, he will land at  ACC which would be a death sentence for this sweet boy. PLEASE help me network Mosya for forever home or RESCUE placement. Mosya is very affectionate but his person's son said that  he should be an only cat but this may not be the case. Through his carrier he was nice to both cats and dogs in the vet office so he may be fine with other animals.   He has an old, untreated eye injury which the vet said has healed well.  I was told that he was attacked by another cat.

MOSYA is neutered and I took him to the vet on Monday for a check up,  shots and bloodwork so he is now up to date on shots.  The blood panel is normal and he is FIV and FeLV negative. The vet said that he is between 6 and 10 years old and is a healthy boy. He will need a dental cleaning and possibly extractions and my friend and I will make a donation to rescue to defray/cover the cost of his dental care.

MY neighbor loved cats and it would be a shame if her own pet landed in a KILL SHELTER. PLEASE share MOSYA to the moon and contact me at if you or anyone you know would like to adopt or can rescue MOSYA.