Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two ten year old cats need home - owner is terminally ill

Look at these two sweetie pies!  Our owner is terminally ill and wishes to find a loving home
for us.  We're both male, just about 10 years old neutered and have our claws.
You'll  find us to have sweet temperaments and are content with a scratching post so  no worries with
fabric or furniture.   Please know that we are indoor only cats and we do like to play once in a while
but also enjoy gazing out the window to take in all the sights.
Domino is the Black &  White Tuxedo and my best bud is Yoda a tan tabby.  If you can provide a warm
and welcoming low key environment for us, our owner would be so appreciative.  She's given us such great
love and care over the years and hopes to find a family that will continue to do so.  All out cat gear
comes with us.  Please contact cerbevs321@yahoo for more info.  All applicants will be screened and a home check is required.