Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two lovely older labradors need a home! Birmingham AL

 This lovely, healthy, middle aged canine cou­ple needs to relocate to a lucky 
new owner. Their current owner Bill, is in an unfortunate situation and is 
heartbroken that he is leaving the area without Lucy and Bubba. These lovely 
dogs have been well loved and well cared for.  They are totally housetrained, walk well
 on a leash, love their toys, do well with children and tolerate other dogs. 
 Although they are seven years old, they 
have plenty of life to live and love to give.  I met a devastated Bill at our 
veterinarian’s office where he was seeking  placement for his beloved dogs. I 
know there are many needy and deserving dogs that require a new owner, but I 
hope you will consider taking these two. Lucy and Bubba are healthy– have no 
special needs, are well adjusted and would be a wonderful addition to any 
family.  Because he has ex­hausted local resources, Bill needs to place them 
within the next week. There may be a 2 week boarding window available for them 
after that.
please email if you can help these two great labradors.