Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cody and Callie need a home together or apart - owner died suddenly KY

Hello friends,

Above you will see photos of Callie and Cody.  Their "mommy" was a long-time volunteer at the DBCHS.  She passed away suddenly last week, and these two babies need a new home.  They are at our shelter in Danville at the moment.  They are both used to living inside and are house trained.  Callie is spayed, and Cody is neutered.
They are both medium in size, but they are extra large when it comes to love that they can give!
Cody, born in 2001, is famous for his happy dog dance after he does his business.  You won't believe it!  He is loving and very gentle.  He is also known for sleeping under the bed with only his tail showing out the side.
Callie, born in 2003, enjoys good long naps on the couch.  She's a great television viewing companion, and she LOVES to eat!
We hope someone will be willing to take in these special friends.  They can be placed either together or separately.  We just want to find them a great new place to call home.
It would be great if you would please pass this message along to friends, neighbors and colleagues.  Please contact Kathy at if you are interested in taking in these beautiful doggies.