Friday, August 24, 2012

Rescued! needed for tiny bealge harley lived in outdoor pen entire 4 years transport from SC

This absolutely precious sweet very timid girl had been in an outside pen for 4 years. Her owner is moving to an apt & she needs a rescue.  She is 13 lbs and amazingly HW neg.

Adopt Schewby, senoir staffordshire terrier - bergen co. animal shelter

Her story will touch you and hopefully capture your heart; you won't be able to let her go. Schewby was given to us by her owner who was living out of a car and had no other choice but turn her in to us. It took him a while to come to that decision, but he ultimately knew that was no life for her. We hate to see dogs part from their families, especially at her tender age of 13 years. Unfortunately, she has been here for over 3 months, too long to live in a kennel. That is why we would love to see her go home to a loving family sooner rather than later. Schewby loves the company of people so much, but at times can be a bit selective about her doggies friends. She has made friends with a male cocker spaniel at the shelter so with the right doggie buddy, she may go to a home with another dog. She is sweet as pie and simply enjoys the company of people. We are looking for a home that will take her as she is, which is a spectacular dog with a wonderful temperament. If you are in the market for an easy going golden gal, then look no further. Schewby is waiting for a caring family willing to fill her last few years with happiness and love.  contact:  or call
the shelter at 201-229-4600.  Teterboro NJ

ADOPTED!!!great cat MOYSA in Brooklyn needs rescue or home or will go to shelter aug 30 Brooklyn NY

MOSYA was rescued from the Brooklyn streets about 5 years ago by my elderly Russian neighbor.  For years she fed all of the neighborhood strays jumping fences well in to her 70's so that she could reach all of the cats in need of food.  Sadly my neighbor died last week leaving behind Mosya. Her son asked for my help in finding safe placement for him. If I can't find a home for Mosya by August 30, he will land at  ACC which would be a death sentence for this sweet boy. PLEASE help me network Mosya for forever home or RESCUE placement. Mosya is very affectionate but his person's son said that  he should be an only cat but this may not be the case. Through his carrier he was nice to both cats and dogs in the vet office so he may be fine with other animals.   He has an old, untreated eye injury which the vet said has healed well.  I was told that he was attacked by another cat.

MOSYA is neutered and I took him to the vet on Monday for a check up,  shots and bloodwork so he is now up to date on shots.  The blood panel is normal and he is FIV and FeLV negative. The vet said that he is between 6 and 10 years old and is a healthy boy. He will need a dental cleaning and possibly extractions and my friend and I will make a donation to rescue to defray/cover the cost of his dental care.

MY neighbor loved cats and it would be a shame if her own pet landed in a KILL SHELTER. PLEASE share MOSYA to the moon and contact me at if you or anyone you know would like to adopt or can rescue MOSYA. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall 2012 (Volume 7: Issue 3)

In This Issue:
Cover Pets: Jack, Penny, Ida, Louis, Apollo, Tee
Rescue Profile: Top Dog Foundation
Featured Senior Pets: Dynasty, Blanch
Success Story: Jake
Pet Care Tips: Pumpkin, Fido Thanksgiving Feast Recipe
Senior Dogs and Cats for Adoption
Boogie's Tales
Go Fetch! By Bodie

View newsletter (PDF)...

Adopt Max, adorable 8 year old male cocker spaniel - Staten Island NY

Max is an 8 year old male Cocker Spaniel. He was surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him. Max is a very friendly boy and gets along well with other dogs. Max is neutered, up to date with all vaccinations and micro-chipped. There is a $280 donation. He can be seen @ PETCO, 2752 Veterans Road West, Staten Island, NY 10309 in the Charleston Shopping Center next to Home Depot--EVERY Saturday from 12:Noon-3pm 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lucy needs new home! 5 yr old female yellow labrador - rockland county ny

Lucy's loving, trusting and caring to the point of being just a bit needy (as in always needing to be petted.) She's gentle to a fault to the point where the kids in our neighborhood (ages two and up) have made her a required "play date" .She's so non aggressive it's like she read Mahatma Ghandi's guide to the art of pacifism. She's a Lab so she sheds, and she needs to lose weight as well.  So if we love Lucy why are we looking to give her away? Well it seems our family is due for an addition which means less attention for Lucy. My   job is changing to include way more travel., If you want a warm caring definition of "man's best friend personified" to join you on walks or jogs in the warm weather you will LOVE Lucy. A family with kids is preferable--as is a house in the suburbs (Lucy loves room, we live on an acre in a cul de sac and she's top dog in these parts). We just had her to the vet and the 20lbs aside, she's in great health. Make no mistake as goofy as she is, coming home to her xuberant 'puppy like" welcome never failed to put a smile on my face. Her new family should be as loving and gentle as she is--because she doesn't just deserve it but will respond to it as well. Last item? She's an amazing 'greeter'-- her beyond puppylike welcome when I come through the door never fails to put a smile on my face.  If you are interested in adopting Lucy, please email for an application.  All applicants will be screened and a home visit is required.

Two ten year old cats need home - owner is terminally ill

Look at these two sweetie pies!  Our owner is terminally ill and wishes to find a loving home
for us.  We're both male, just about 10 years old neutered and have our claws.
You'll  find us to have sweet temperaments and are content with a scratching post so  no worries with
fabric or furniture.   Please know that we are indoor only cats and we do like to play once in a while
but also enjoy gazing out the window to take in all the sights.
Domino is the Black &  White Tuxedo and my best bud is Yoda a tan tabby.  If you can provide a warm
and welcoming low key environment for us, our owner would be so appreciative.  She's given us such great
love and care over the years and hopes to find a family that will continue to do so.  All out cat gear
comes with us.  Please contact cerbevs321@yahoo for more info.  All applicants will be screened and a home check is required.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Adopt Sparky, large black lab mix needs new home - long island ny

Sparky is a 5 year old female black lab and St. bernard mix.  She
weighs 95 pounds and is spayed.  She has all her vaccinations and is
heart-worm free.  She is a great dog.  She is very smart, loving,
affectionate, and an extremely loyal companion.
Her ideal home is someone who works from home, someone who is
Retired or someone who is usually home for at least half the day. 
She is great for a small family and is great with kids once she gets
adjusted.  Her new home should not have other pets.  She doesn't
walk well on a leash so needs home with yard.
Sparky's new owner should be an experienced dog owner. 
Important things to know:
Sparky spent the first year of her life in a shelter and is
fearful and intimidated when meeting new people. 
When she is meeting new people it is very important not to approach
She is good with kids but needs time to warm up to them and (like every dog) should
always be supervised.
She is on medication for separation anxiety and needs TLC.

Sparky is the sweetest dog and will be happy to lay next to you
while watching TV, working, or  doing housework.  She is lazy and
loves to snuggle up next to you but also enjoys running around in
the backyard and playing with her bones.  She loves food and has little
interest in dog toys.  However she loves working on getting treats
or peanut butter out of the rubber kong toy.  She will make you smile
and brighten up your day just by keeping you company!!!
If you are interested in adopting Sparky, please email for an adoption application.  All applicants will be screened and a home check is required.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two lovely older labradors need a home! Birmingham AL

 This lovely, healthy, middle aged canine cou­ple needs to relocate to a lucky 
new owner. Their current owner Bill, is in an unfortunate situation and is 
heartbroken that he is leaving the area without Lucy and Bubba. These lovely 
dogs have been well loved and well cared for.  They are totally housetrained, walk well
 on a leash, love their toys, do well with children and tolerate other dogs. 
 Although they are seven years old, they 
have plenty of life to live and love to give.  I met a devastated Bill at our 
veterinarian’s office where he was seeking  placement for his beloved dogs. I 
know there are many needy and deserving dogs that require a new owner, but I 
hope you will consider taking these two. Lucy and Bubba are healthy– have no 
special needs, are well adjusted and would be a wonderful addition to any 
family.  Because he has ex­hausted local resources, Bill needs to place them 
within the next week. There may be a 2 week boarding window available for them 
after that.
please email if you can help these two great labradors.

Cody and Callie need a home together or apart - owner died suddenly KY

Hello friends,

Above you will see photos of Callie and Cody.  Their "mommy" was a long-time volunteer at the DBCHS.  She passed away suddenly last week, and these two babies need a new home.  They are at our shelter in Danville at the moment.  They are both used to living inside and are house trained.  Callie is spayed, and Cody is neutered.
They are both medium in size, but they are extra large when it comes to love that they can give!
Cody, born in 2001, is famous for his happy dog dance after he does his business.  You won't believe it!  He is loving and very gentle.  He is also known for sleeping under the bed with only his tail showing out the side.
Callie, born in 2003, enjoys good long naps on the couch.  She's a great television viewing companion, and she LOVES to eat!
We hope someone will be willing to take in these special friends.  They can be placed either together or separately.  We just want to find them a great new place to call home.
It would be great if you would please pass this message along to friends, neighbors and colleagues.  Please contact Kathy at if you are interested in taking in these beautiful doggies.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Adopt Gomez, adorable small male 7 year old beagle

7 year old miniature beagle needs a good home! Owner will be moving and cannot take him with him. Gomez is a sweet, loving, and affectionate dog who loves nothing more than cuddling up with new people. He's a quiet dog who gets along great with all animals (dogs and cats) and humans. His natural affection and loving nature will win you over in a heartbeat. Gomez is up to date with all of his shots as well as flea and heartworm treatments. Please, serious inquiries only. all applicants will be screened.  email for adoption application.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rescue needed for Snickers and/or little Pepper, small senior beagle mix -KY

Permission to Crosspost
shelter: 270-230-8839
Snickers (Chow mix spayed female) and Pepper (Beagle mix spayed female) are prime examples of why we often utter those words about "hating people."  The lady who brought them in said they could not keep them at their new house, so they had to come to our shelter which is very full.
These dogs are at least 10 years old.  Pepper was kept ouside, not sure about Snickers.
Snickers has some hair loss and needs to be groomed.
Both seem extremely sweet and when I cleaned on the weekend, they did not mess their kennel at all, so it's likely they will easily adopt to a home.  The card actually said that Snicker is housetrained.
The only good thing about this is that perhaps they will now have an opportunity to find a nice loving family and home where they can live out their lives.  But we need your help to find that place.
Since they are both spayed, they need only updated shots and heartworm tests.
Pepper has sponsor $ for shots and heartworm test.
If you want to help these two sweet older girls, please let us know.
I don't think it would be necessary for them to be adopted together at all.
Traveling to limited areas around the 18th (wont'be able to go all the way to the New England area on this trip).
if you can rescue either dog please email or call 270-230-8839

Friday, August 3, 2012

Ten year old maltese needs home or rescue

This is Henry an adorable little male 10 year old maltese.  Isn't he cute??  Owner can no longer
keep him and seeks a good home or a rescue that can find him a good home.  If you are interested please email and you will be put in touch with the owner.  Serious inquiries only please!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

16 year old declawed male tuxedo needs home - o wner died

Midnight is a 16 year old male tuxedo cat whose owner died.  He then went to live with the grandmother, and sadly she also passed away.  The owner's daughter's husband is allergic to cats and sadly they cannot keep midnight.  He needs a new home as soon as possible.  He is a very sweet cat.  He is 12 pounds and
the vet said he has NO health issues with is remarkable for a cat this age.  If you can give Midnight a new home, please email 
All applicants will be screened and a home check is required.