Tuesday, July 17, 2012

URGENT! Shelter full - these senior dogs in danger!

Blount County Animal Center, Maryville, TN  animalshelter@blounttn.org 
  • (865) 980-6244
Peanut is a sweet older lady who absolutely ADORES being outdoors and loves going for a walk! She is gentle and sweet - won't someone give this beautiful senior girl a safe and happy forever home to live out her golden years?. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Daisy is a Friendly girl with lots of love to give. Daisy is good on leash & loves human attention. Good with kids, dogs & cats...very balanced dog. Crate trained & house-trained.. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Angel is very friendly, loving & wonderful with people. She walks well on leash. She is somewhat untrusting of other dogs probably based on her current environment. Angel will probably do best as the only dog as she seems to enjoy one on one spoiling. This dog is out of place in the shelter and needs a loving home soon. She leans against the kennel and literally rests her head in your hands when pet under the chin. She is desperate for a home. She needs a calm and patient furever home.. Heartworm Positive. Sponsored for $70.00. Adoption Fee is Now 

Maggie is a wonderful dog! She walks well on a leash & does not pull. She appears to be house-trained. She knows how to sit & is very observant. We encountered two cats on our walk today & she showed zero aggression & even seemed a little afraid of them. She was friendly with all the dogs she met as well. She is affectionate & loves to be petted. She is very calm & well mannered & waits patiently when exiting her kennel...She is such a good girl & any family would be lucky to have her!. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

This boy is a sweet gentle giant! He'll make a great guard dog for your home. He is also Good with children and other animals. He follows commands and knows how to sit really well. He is the sibling of Valentine.. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Chloe is an absolute sweetheart. She desperately wants to be someone's couch potato. She is loving, calm and has a adorable disposition. This dog would make a wonderful pet and companion. From a volunteer: Chloe longs to go home and be held. She is one of the most loving dogs I've ever met. Just adorable and does not belong at a shelter. This dog will be an absolute wonderful companion especially for an elderly person. She is sweet and attentive.. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Sir Aquarius is a mature, southern gentleman looking for a little Southern Comfort. With good presence and spirit, he is nonetheless quiet, and has the good house manners, dignity, and slow gait that age offers, no jumping, chewing, or leash pulling by him. Just an occasional walk around the block would be something for you both to enjoy. His main interest is to sit quietly with affection by your armchair and let you read all the stories he has to tell just by looking into his beautiful eyes.. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Bear is a sweet senior chow chow/border collie mix.  Look at this adorable boy!  Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.