Tuesday, July 3, 2012

URGENT Foster home needed for Gary the Ghost 8 yr old shepherd- NYC

http://youtu.be/xbhx9uDq0V0   watch my great video!!!!

Gary the Ghost urgently seeks a foster (or an adopter) by Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning (i.e. July 3rd or 4th)

Gary the Ghost was rescued from a Brooklyn shelter literally in the 11th hour. A small group of individuals had fallen in love with him and wanted to do everything to get him off death row and see if they could find him a new home. After being pulled Gary the Ghost went through some initial vetting, and then the group started looking for a place for him. Unfortunately nobody was actually able to keep him, so he had to be boarded. Every day someone went to visit him, and everyone who met Gary the Ghost simply just fell in love. He is kindhearted, mellow, and just a big goof. Last Sunday we brought him to DC where we both had a foster and a potential adopter waiting. Upon arrival it became clear that although GG looooooves humans, he doesn't care too much about other dogs. Since both our foster and potential adopter had dogs the situation did not work out. At present Gary the Ghost is staying with the founder of Street Dogs International (a fundraising non-profit), but because she has dogs he can only stay there until tonight (Tuesday evening) the longest til tomorrow (Wednesday morning). She's in a 1BR apartment in a building with several dogs, and she had to have someone take her own two dogs while Gary the Ghost stays with her. But, they will need to return to her by tomorrow.

Don't hold Gary the Ghost's dislike of dogs against him. He is an absolute doll. Everyone just simply falls in love with his gentle yet playful soul. GG is extremely easy going, he's house trained, crate trained, knows sit, down and release. He walks well on a leash without pulling. He's curious and follows you around the house, or just chills out. Did we mention that he loves humans... When he first arrived in DC he didn't care much for toys, but that ended quickly. He will now pick up toys and come drop them in your lap so you can play with him.

In our efforts to find a foster, we have tried to reach out to several rescues, but none have been able to take him. If we are able to find a foster, getting help from a rescue may be easier, so please if you can foster, let us know. Even if it's just temporarily. If a foster is available up state, no problem, we have people standing ready to drive him North again if need be.

If interested, or want more information, feel free to reach out to us through email (streetdogsint@gmail.com) or by calling 240-423-3625.