Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UPDATE RESCUED! Desiree and Apricot need recue or home now - domestic violence situation-Stroudsburg PA

CONTACT LISA if YOU Can Foster or Adopt these SWEET SENIORS!  at  Sponsorship Greatly Appreciated!  Dogs must leave home, home or rescue needed ASAP!!!!
Serious consideration is being given to euthanizing Apricot at this time if a home is not found shortly.
*The only medical condition we know of on Desiree is she is getting a little deaf.
 Apricot originally had a thyroid problem 5 years ago and had loss of hair b/c of it.  Her hair was growing back well after medication was started.  When they got into financial difficulties a couple of years ago, they couldn't continue the meds b/c the vet kept saying a bi-annual b/w had to be done.  Since they didn't have the money for that, the vet would not give any more meds.  Apricot lost almost all of her hair then.  I didn't know any of this until she called me last year for something.  When I went over to see her, I asked what the hell was happening.  I took her myself to my vet and paid for it.  Got her b/w and got more meds.  But by then, it was too late.  The hair follicles had probably died b/c she never grew any back.  W.  I couldn't live with myself knowing I have a credit card to pay for treatment and didn't.  So she got better and nobody knows what it was for sure.  These days, she's losing weight and she's very stiff getting up and walking.  It takes her a long time to walk from room to room and lays around a lot.  She's not in pain and she eats like a little pig.