Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two senior german shepherds in need of home! Chattanooga TN

Chattanooga, TN - Senior German Shepherds, sister and brother need your help, please. Sampson and Zoe are siblings but not from the same litter.  Sampson is 9 y/o and Zoe is 8 ½ yrs old.
Sampson and Zoe - These poor seniors were taken to the pound after their people were arrested.  They were going to be put down and were rescued by a kind person who is now fostering them but can do that only for about two weeks.  She has four other dogs and just can’t afford to care for them all.  They are each about 100 lbs. and inside dogs who just like to lounge around.  They were not well cared for by their people, their eyes and ears need some frequent cleaning, and they had lots of fleas.  They need some tender loving care.  Sampson is neutered. Zoe is not spayed. They behave like angels.  Zoe is the healthiest, very sweet, bouncy, and even gets along w/ one of the foster’s other dogs who is grouchy. She loved getting bathed!  Sampson is a little more reserved but that may be because he seems in worse condition.  He is missing the top part of his right ear.

If you can rescue, foster, or adopt these or one of these sweeties please contact foster Jessica at