Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Senior Lhasa Apso needs rescue! Owingsville KY

Lindy was taken to a high kill shelter because there was a new "grandchild".  When I got her, she was literally engulfed in fleas, had very little hair, her nails were like bear claws. 
I have been trying to get her in better shape, she had been spayed by her owner, and I just had her HW test, rabies, DHLPPC, and worming with Drontal Plus done.  She also has been treated for fleas. She is about 10-12 years old and she has asthma, and I am also treating her for giardia.  I know that all these things happen to older dogs, but trust me, she has a bounce in her step, a great appetite, she is grateful, social and loving.  I don't know for sure if she has asthma, but she wheezes when she runs and my vet says that it's "like asthma"....I rescued her because I felt that she deserves a chance for comfort and to get some love.  I also realize that she is not going to be super adoptable but I know there is a home for her out there somewhere.  She's a porky little girl, weighing in at least 30 lbs and I think she is beautiful.  Her body has rolls of fat, kind of like a sharpei....she was just groomed today so that is why she has short hair, and it is just now growing back from the flea allergy so it's thin.
I am looking for someone to take her that doesn't care that she is old and wheezy.  I know that person is out there, and I'm asking that you all please help me try and find the family that will appreciate Lindy. please contact Susan if you can rescue or adopt Lindy at: