Sunday, July 1, 2012

Senior dogs for adoption! Burlington Co. Animal Shelter Mt Holly NJ

Meet some of our senior dogs who need homes!  email for more information.
First up Gus!
ID# D47735  This tubby boy is Gus. He is 12 years old and 96 lbs. Gus is a friendly dog who gets along well with adults, children of all ages, dogs, cats and other animals. You would never know he is older by the way he looks and acts. Gus is house trained and leash trained. Handsome Gus needs a home with people who love him, he is a great dog that will fit in well with any household.

D48156 Thaddeus Jack Russel Terrier  Thaddeus is an inquisitive, active 8 year old. He loves to check things out. He weighs 19 lbs and is a lot of fun. He is a friendly boy and you would never know he is a little on the "mature" side. If you would like a companion to take walk with, explore outside and just be friends with, Thaddeus is the one. Please come meet him.

D48527 Sheila If you are looking for a calm, gentle dog then Sheila is your girl. She is an older dog, at least 8 years old and she is not very big at 42 lbs. She is a very pretty mix; seems to have some shepherd coloring. Sheila walks nicely on leash, loved getting breezes in her face- some of the pix have her closing her eyes while the warm breeze blew. Can you give a quiet home to an older dog who has so much love to give? 

D47950 Jade This beautiful girl is Jade. She is a 75.8 lbs American Staffordshire Terrier. She is over 6 yrs old and has some trouble getting up and moving around. Her back legs are arthritic causing her to walk slowly and tire easily. She is very friendly and is good with children of all ages. Jade is a great dog and will be a wonderful addition to almost any family. 

D47453 Precious Precious is an 8 yr old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. She does well with children of all ages but not other animals. She is house trained and formally trained. One of her favorite things is to go outside and play in the grass. Precious LOVES water, too. On a very hot day, when it was not safe to take Precious for a walk, a volunteer decided to have some fun using the hose. As many dogs (and people) do, Precious tried to bite the water, in a playful manner - a fun cooling off game was had by both Precious and volunteer. Precious will make someone a very good pet and friend.