Thursday, July 19, 2012

UPDATE RESCUED! needed ASAP! 14 year old Cyrus, large malamute brought to shelter by owner - Blackwood NJ

Cyrus was surrendered to the shelter by his owner's brother. He is 14 years old.
He was on the verge of tears as he led Cyrus inside today.
It seems the owner did something wrong and will be away for quite sometime. The brother has a one bedroom apt and 3 children so he really couldn't keep Cyrus even though he wanted to.
What a sad sight when Cyrus was led back to a kennel and kept looking back for his protector.
The brother has owned Cyrus since he was 7 weeks old. He lived in the house but enjoyed the outdoors too.
Always house broken.
Weighs 125 lbs.
Eats Gravy Train wet & dry
He desribes Cyrus as friendly, playful, and quiet
Plays gently with humnas
Has never growled or bit anyone
Has never interacted with other dogs so it is not known how he would get along with them
Regulary around children 2-18 yrs old and loved them very much.
Knows "stay, come, and down."
 Cyrus is already neutered and will be updated on shots.
 When I visited with him today...he kept crying.
Cyrus wanst to go home and doesn't understand why he was brought to a shelter
 If anyone has room, please let me know?
Hate for him to be in the shelter for long.