Monday, July 16, 2012

Flora the cat needs home, foster or rescue, age 8 NYC

Flora was a store cat with no place to go when store closed d own. She has got to be about 8 years old. she is spayed and friendly, but a little shy, she seems to flinch when I go to pet her.  She's at my apartment now. She is ok with dogs but other cats are beating her up.  So lately she has been hiding in a cabinet.  Which she doesn't deserve, that is why I am trying to find her a good home.  She's been with me a few months now.  She was a deli cat who was mostly kept in a basement then let into the store during the night. So she didn't get any sunlight or any affection or love.  Her owner did feed her good but never pet her or took her to the vet.  Flora really needs a cat person to love her and give her the life she really deserves after being
a store cat for so many years.  please email if you can help her.