Wednesday, July 11, 2012

15 Year Old Beagle Mix Porthos Needs rescue or adopter - SE PA

From: Mary-Theresa>

I have a 15 yr old beagle mix male dog named Porthos.  He is fixed and does well with other dogs his size and cats.  He also gets along with older children. He is a sweet and loving dog that likes to cuddle and go for rides in the car. I need to find a new home for him.  I am no longer able to care for him.   I can not afford it. Also the mangement company of my apartment complex has told me I need to remove the dog or face eviction.  I can not be kicked out of my apartment. I work full time and he spends the majority of his time is spent in a crate due to his mischevious nature.  Since he is an older dog he requires more bathroom trips than a younger dog.  He needs a home where somebody is there all the time so he is not penned up in a crate. Please help me.  The only option I have left is to have him euthenized if I can't find him a new home. I do not want to have this happen so if you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it.  I can be reached at my email