Wednesday, July 11, 2012

14 year old male poodle needs home or rescue - Louisville KY

Looking for a home for "Samson!" He's an older black poodle that I found last week. My grandmother has him right now but her asthma is too bad to keep him, and we can't find a shelter that won't put him down immediately. He is SOOOO sweet! Last week we took him to the vet and gave him a flea treatment, had him groomed, and vaccinated. He has cataracts, so he has vision problems, but he can see wel...l enough to get around. He was a breeder dog that was severely neglected and dumped. He just wants to be held and loved. Very good with children... never barks and never growls. The vet said even though he's old that he has a few more good years in him! Looking for a good home for this baby. Please call me if you can help.  My email is