Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Leia, 9 year old coonhound, needs foster/rescue or adopter! Blackwood NJ

 Blackwood Nj "LEIA" 9 yr old female Coonhound 

Contact; Sherry
Leia is in urgent need of rescue!  
Came to the shelter as a stray after being found on a busy highway
Nine years old and weighs 76bs
Very sweet personality so we feel she deserves a chance. She loves to lay in the sun and she is a quiet dog. But she is SO sad in her cage with no on interested in her.
Leia had a large growth on her front paw removed.  Waiting for results.
Leia is spayed and has all her shots. She did fine with her dog meets with both male and female dogs. Shelter is crowded so need to find Leia rescue asap.
 Please contact me if you can help this girl.
Her time is limited and she has had NO interest.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

ADOPTED!!Senior Cocker Spaniel and companion cat need foster adopter or rescue mt vernon ny

Contact is - Please email

Please share!! Heartbreaking!! Adopter or Foster Needed!! The owner of this adorable pair checked into the hospital to die. Brandy and Pookie are completely bonded. They sleep together and curl up together and cry for each other when they are separated :( The shelter has them caged together during the day when they are able to. I know this is a tough sell; Both are approximately 12 years old; a cat AND a dog. The cat has diabetes which is managed with special food. The dog has cushings which is managed with medication. We are even willing to sponsor their meds every month for an adopter. We just want these two out! Both are said to be very sweet and calm. This little bonded duo are currently located in NY. We will transport if need be. Please email

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hank, lovely senior hound in W.VA needs home or recue

Sweet Hank is a lovely hound.  He is a  little slow getting around but he soooo deserves a Retirement home. He loves to eat and tries his best to take walks. Good with cats and children and other dogs.. he does have arthritis..and old he can't play..but loves to be loved.  please contact:  

 Wetzel County Animal Shelter, New Martinsville, WV • 304-455-5348 •

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UPDATE - RESCYED!Elderly beagle in tavares FL needs rescue now urgent

75.00 sponsorship for rescue to take this dog from Senior Pets NYC.  

URGENT UPDATE: Shelter full. VERY limited time to save. If you can help please act fast. I can't stress this enough!!!!
Tavares, FL ~PLEASE we need help networking....needs exposure!!!!
PLEASE Click This Link and Read To Avoid Common Questions Posted on Page. Thank you:


RESCUE GROUP CONTACT INFO: For all rescue group inquires/offers please email the rescue coordinator. Emails are preferred and she is not on OR 352-636-3740 (cell).

Adopt Mocha, sweet 8 year old female ragdoll mix - NYC

Mocha is a sweet and cuddly 8year old Ragdoll mix. Her fur is extremely soft- almost like velvet. She's timid around most people, but once she gets to know you she loves to sit on your lap and cuddle in bed. She would do best in a calmer household without young children. She's fine with other cats and dogs as long as they don't chase/pester her. She would also be great as an only pet. She's in perfectly good health. She even gets frisky and likes to play sometimes.  Mostly, she's happy to sleep most of the day, preferably in a sunspot. 
email or owner at

IN FOSTER! adopter needed for Penelope, female senior yellow labrador retriever - Elizabethtown, NJ

I am putting yet another cry out for help…we got in yet another stray senior lab a couple weeks ago…a sweet old gal, about 10-12 I think. She has been to my vet and has a thyroid issue where she will need Soloxine for the rest of her life.  She is also being treated for a UTI…and her kidney values are elevated.  She is going to be getting a dental tomorrow as her teeth are in horrendous condition, which could very well be contributing to her kidneys???
  We are not able to keep her here as we are loaded to the gills. Is there anyone who can help with her?  I have attached pictures…we are calling her Penelope and I am certain she was brought out into the boonies and dumped by some uncaring human…she needs people to love her, she is a delightful old gal who just needs a safe and loving place to live out the rest of her life in comfort.
Please share this with anyone who may be able to help.
Laurie Yost
Playful Pups Retreat
850 Milton Grove Road N.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Two senior chocolate labradors for adoption or rescue - Cherry Hill NJ

If anyone knows someone who might be able to help place these labs, please
contact Deb Haugh ( 215-313-7273)   Permission to

I have a really good friend going through a bought with breast cancer.  She
had surgery in April but is now going through chemo.   She has three chocolate
labs and needs to get two of them adopted.  It is simply too much for her to
handle with all of this.

She's been unsuccessful so we are all reaching out to see if someone we know
might know someone who would be interested in adopting a dog.  They are both
full bread chocolate labs (Olive and Teeny).  They are 10 years old.  Well
trained and good dogs.  Grew up in a fenced yard.   I know you are a true
dog lover and thought you might know someone so I am asking.

If you know anybody that might be interested, please let me know.

Deb Haugh

Monday, July 23, 2012

Senior dogs for adoption at Burlington Co. Animal Shelter - Mt Holly NJ

609-265-5073 for Burlington County Animal Shelter in Mt. Holly NJ or email:

D94873 Precious - My name is Precious. I am a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier mix and weigh 23 lbs. My owners brought me here and I am so confused. I am a really friendly girl and love people. I am housebroken, crate trained and good on a leash. And just look at my can you not love it!! Please come and visit me. I'd love to go home with you and start my new life!

D48903 - Emma - Emma came to us as a surrender with her best pal, Jake. She is a beautiful 25 lb American Eskimo who is a bit intimidated with all the commotion of the shelter. At 12 yrs old, this pretty girl deserves a nice home where she can just be appreciated and loved for all she has to offer! She is a bit frightened at her new surroundings, but you can tell she is a very well behaved girl and has so much to offer to a loving family. She walks great on a leash and is also crate trained and house trained. Wouldn't it be wonderful if both Emma and Jake could find a forever home together? Of course she is available to be adopted by herself too! Please consider coming out to meet this sweet pair who don't deserve to spend their senior years in a shelter!

D48902 - Jake - Jake, a 12 yr old, 25 lb beautiful American Eskimo was surrendered along with Emma (also an American Eskimo). Jake is a sweet, friendly boy who walks great on a leash and loves to be pet! This sweet boy is also crate trained and housetrained. At 12 years old, Jake is a mature dog and has so much to offer, he is done with all that silly puppy stuff! Jake would love to just be your buddy and hang out and go for walks. It would be wonderful if Jake and Emma could be adopted together, but he is also available by himself. Wont you consider making Jake or possibly both Jake and Emma a part of your home?

D48899 - Harley - Harley is an 8 year old Lab/Shep mix. He was surrendered through no fault of his own. Harley is a little anxious in his kennel, wondering why he is there. Once outside he just wants to be petted. He walks great on the leash and his former owner says he is crate trained. They also told us he is good with children. Please come down and meet Harley.....he could be your new best friend!!

D48918 - Princess was surrendered due to a family hardship. This sweet girl is 15 years old and weighs 53 lbs. She is so friendly, and is great with other dogs. She is a little cautious because she is really confused as to why she is at the shelter. Once you get her out, she is the sweetest thing. She deserves a loving family to live out her final years. Are you that family?? Please come and visit Princess.

D48755 -Baby enjoys short walks and being cooled off from the heat with a little water fun. Just don't put baby in a corner! This 11 year old seems to be in pretty good shape and even was able to jump onto the picnic table for a treat! Her previous caretakers said she is house trained and leashed trained. They also mentioned she is good with men only but our female volunteers had no issues walking this 29 pounder or spraying her down with water to cool her off. She is ready to go. If only human babies were this easy!

D48156 - Thaddeus - URGENT!! Thaddeus is an inquisitive, active 8 year old. He loves to check things out. He weighs 19 lbs and is a lot of fun. He is a friendly boy and you would never know he is a little on the "mature" side. If you would like a companion to take walk with, explore outside and just be friends with, Thaddeus is the one. Please come meet him.

D48927 - Meet Jazz, a 7 yr old Brindle colored Rottweiler mix. At 74 pounds, this big guy is just a big sweetheart! He previous owners say he loves to roll in blankets and make pillows with soft t-shirts! What a silly boy! He also sits for treats and seems to know some basic commands. Because of his size, Jazz would be best suited in a home with no children, as he is very strong and gets excited! Wont you consider giving Jazz the wonderful home hes been dreaming of?

D47801 URGENT!!!  This very handsome Black Lab is Smokey. He is 10 yrs old and was surrendered by his family through no fault of his own. He weighs 74 lbs and is house trained. This friendly guy is sweet and calm. Smokey is handsome with his black coat and greying face- but don't let the grey put you off. He will be a great addition to any family.

 Gus - 47735 URGENT!!  Looking for a friendly, mature dog that is not silly and gets along with kids & dogs? Well, your search has ended! Heres Gus, sadly surrendered by his family who report that he is good with adults, kids, dogs and is house trained. Our volunteers say Gus loves to roll around in the grass and is easy to walk. Gus is one of our senior dogs, but you wouldn't know it based on the pep in his step. The benefit in adopting a mature dog is that they are done with all the annoying puppy stuff and do not require a lot of playtime. Because Gus is older and overweight, the hard shelter floor is not good for his joints. He really needs a loving home for his golden years. If you would like to save a senior and get a great companion to boot, please see Gus. Gus is a memeber of our Pooch with Perks Program. When you adopt, you will receive a Doggie Goodie Bag donated by the Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Senior male Yellow labrador Ledger needs a home or rescue - Montague NJ

Ledger is a 10 year old male yellow labrador retriever who needs a new home.
His owner is a single mom who lost her job and is struggling.  If you can rescue or adopt Ledger, please
email Bernie at  All applicants will be screened.  He really is a sweetheart and he
lives with a 10 year old girl. We evaluated Ledger and found him to be a perfect gentleman. He came right over to greet us and rolled over on his back for a belly rub.  No aggression issues at all. He barked at the garbage truck when it came down the street, with tail held high and wagging. He is very laid back and sweet, loves attention.  He has a skin condition that will need to be looked at as well.  Lovely dog!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

UPDATE RESCUED! needed ASAP! 14 year old Cyrus, large malamute brought to shelter by owner - Blackwood NJ

Cyrus was surrendered to the shelter by his owner's brother. He is 14 years old.
He was on the verge of tears as he led Cyrus inside today.
It seems the owner did something wrong and will be away for quite sometime. The brother has a one bedroom apt and 3 children so he really couldn't keep Cyrus even though he wanted to.
What a sad sight when Cyrus was led back to a kennel and kept looking back for his protector.
The brother has owned Cyrus since he was 7 weeks old. He lived in the house but enjoyed the outdoors too.
Always house broken.
Weighs 125 lbs.
Eats Gravy Train wet & dry
He desribes Cyrus as friendly, playful, and quiet
Plays gently with humnas
Has never growled or bit anyone
Has never interacted with other dogs so it is not known how he would get along with them
Regulary around children 2-18 yrs old and loved them very much.
Knows "stay, come, and down."
 Cyrus is already neutered and will be updated on shots.
 When I visited with him today...he kept crying.
Cyrus wanst to go home and doesn't understand why he was brought to a shelter
 If anyone has room, please let me know?
Hate for him to be in the shelter for long.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Senior Lhasa Apso needs rescue! Owingsville KY

Lindy was taken to a high kill shelter because there was a new "grandchild".  When I got her, she was literally engulfed in fleas, had very little hair, her nails were like bear claws. 
I have been trying to get her in better shape, she had been spayed by her owner, and I just had her HW test, rabies, DHLPPC, and worming with Drontal Plus done.  She also has been treated for fleas. She is about 10-12 years old and she has asthma, and I am also treating her for giardia.  I know that all these things happen to older dogs, but trust me, she has a bounce in her step, a great appetite, she is grateful, social and loving.  I don't know for sure if she has asthma, but she wheezes when she runs and my vet says that it's "like asthma"....I rescued her because I felt that she deserves a chance for comfort and to get some love.  I also realize that she is not going to be super adoptable but I know there is a home for her out there somewhere.  She's a porky little girl, weighing in at least 30 lbs and I think she is beautiful.  Her body has rolls of fat, kind of like a sharpei....she was just groomed today so that is why she has short hair, and it is just now growing back from the flea allergy so it's thin.
I am looking for someone to take her that doesn't care that she is old and wheezy.  I know that person is out there, and I'm asking that you all please help me try and find the family that will appreciate Lindy. please contact Susan if you can rescue or adopt Lindy at:

Rescue or adopter needed for Inky, standard senoir poodle spec. needs - Staten Island NY

This is inky. He is a 10 yr old standard poodle with papers. His owner was just placed into a nursing home and Inky is now in need of a loving home where he can live out his senior years. He is good with people, pets and kids. He is diabetic and needs insulin twice a day but that doesn’t stop Inky from being super cute and extra lovable. He is UTD on vaccines and is neutered. If anyone that can help this poor guy out please let me know...his owner's daughter does not have the time to give Inky the proper care.  It’s hard enough for ANY animal to end up in a shelter ..but a 10 year old diabetic dog would never have a chance!

Please help Inky enjoy his senior years in the loving home he deserves!!  rescues welcome!!!

contact:  OR owner's daughter Susan at

UPDATE RESCUED! Desiree and Apricot need recue or home now - domestic violence situation-Stroudsburg PA

CONTACT LISA if YOU Can Foster or Adopt these SWEET SENIORS!  at  Sponsorship Greatly Appreciated!  Dogs must leave home, home or rescue needed ASAP!!!!
Serious consideration is being given to euthanizing Apricot at this time if a home is not found shortly.
*The only medical condition we know of on Desiree is she is getting a little deaf.
 Apricot originally had a thyroid problem 5 years ago and had loss of hair b/c of it.  Her hair was growing back well after medication was started.  When they got into financial difficulties a couple of years ago, they couldn't continue the meds b/c the vet kept saying a bi-annual b/w had to be done.  Since they didn't have the money for that, the vet would not give any more meds.  Apricot lost almost all of her hair then.  I didn't know any of this until she called me last year for something.  When I went over to see her, I asked what the hell was happening.  I took her myself to my vet and paid for it.  Got her b/w and got more meds.  But by then, it was too late.  The hair follicles had probably died b/c she never grew any back.  W.  I couldn't live with myself knowing I have a credit card to pay for treatment and didn't.  So she got better and nobody knows what it was for sure.  These days, she's losing weight and she's very stiff getting up and walking.  It takes her a long time to walk from room to room and lays around a lot.  She's not in pain and she eats like a little pig. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blanch, 11 year old PB female yellow labrador needs home - Brooklyn NY

Blanch is an 11 yrs old Female Labrador Retriever, she was tied around the corner after being told we do not have any space for big dogs on sunday. She was being dumped because her former owner just moved into a new home and didnt want her. She was limping on her left leg because she got Lyme disease, she is being treated for it now. Blanch is really sweet and reacts with love to anyone that says hello to her.  please email or visit the site for more info at

URGENT! Shelter full - these senior dogs in danger!

Blount County Animal Center, Maryville, TN 
  • (865) 980-6244
Peanut is a sweet older lady who absolutely ADORES being outdoors and loves going for a walk! She is gentle and sweet - won't someone give this beautiful senior girl a safe and happy forever home to live out her golden years?. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Daisy is a Friendly girl with lots of love to give. Daisy is good on leash & loves human attention. Good with kids, dogs & cats...very balanced dog. Crate trained & house-trained.. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Angel is very friendly, loving & wonderful with people. She walks well on leash. She is somewhat untrusting of other dogs probably based on her current environment. Angel will probably do best as the only dog as she seems to enjoy one on one spoiling. This dog is out of place in the shelter and needs a loving home soon. She leans against the kennel and literally rests her head in your hands when pet under the chin. She is desperate for a home. She needs a calm and patient furever home.. Heartworm Positive. Sponsored for $70.00. Adoption Fee is Now 

Maggie is a wonderful dog! She walks well on a leash & does not pull. She appears to be house-trained. She knows how to sit & is very observant. We encountered two cats on our walk today & she showed zero aggression & even seemed a little afraid of them. She was friendly with all the dogs she met as well. She is affectionate & loves to be petted. She is very calm & well mannered & waits patiently when exiting her kennel...She is such a good girl & any family would be lucky to have her!. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

This boy is a sweet gentle giant! He'll make a great guard dog for your home. He is also Good with children and other animals. He follows commands and knows how to sit really well. He is the sibling of Valentine.. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Chloe is an absolute sweetheart. She desperately wants to be someone's couch potato. She is loving, calm and has a adorable disposition. This dog would make a wonderful pet and companion. From a volunteer: Chloe longs to go home and be held. She is one of the most loving dogs I've ever met. Just adorable and does not belong at a shelter. This dog will be an absolute wonderful companion especially for an elderly person. She is sweet and attentive.. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Sir Aquarius is a mature, southern gentleman looking for a little Southern Comfort. With good presence and spirit, he is nonetheless quiet, and has the good house manners, dignity, and slow gait that age offers, no jumping, chewing, or leash pulling by him. Just an occasional walk around the block would be something for you both to enjoy. His main interest is to sit quietly with affection by your armchair and let you read all the stories he has to tell just by looking into his beautiful eyes.. Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Bear is a sweet senior chow chow/border collie mix.  Look at this adorable boy!  Heartworm Negative. Adoption Fee $70.00.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Flora the cat needs home, foster or rescue, age 8 NYC

Flora was a store cat with no place to go when store closed d own. She has got to be about 8 years old. she is spayed and friendly, but a little shy, she seems to flinch when I go to pet her.  She's at my apartment now. She is ok with dogs but other cats are beating her up.  So lately she has been hiding in a cabinet.  Which she doesn't deserve, that is why I am trying to find her a good home.  She's been with me a few months now.  She was a deli cat who was mostly kept in a basement then let into the store during the night. So she didn't get any sunlight or any affection or love.  Her owner did feed her good but never pet her or took her to the vet.  Flora really needs a cat person to love her and give her the life she really deserves after being
a store cat for so many years.  please email if you can help her.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gorgeous Senior yellow lab needs rescue now - Blackwood NJ

Contact; Sherry  -

How someone could not know they have lost this big mush is beyond me, but his owners have not come looking for him
Elder is such a nice, friendly boy. He would love to be laying on someone's sofa tonight instead of being in a concrete cage in a shelter.
109 lb and could stand to loose a few pounds and he is listed as 10 yrs old but we think he may be a little bit younger.
He is not neutered and will need Rabies
Love to see this nice man leave the crowded shelter soon!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Female coonhound age 9 very sweet, needs rescue Blackwood NJ

Contact; Sherry
Leia is in urgent need of rescue
Came to the shelter as a stray after being found on a busy highway
Nine years old and weighs 76bs
Very sweet personality so we feel she deserves a chance
Leia has a large growth on her front paw (pics attached) that we feel is very serious and requires being seen by a specialist. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to help Leia at the shelter
Leia is spayed and has all her shots. She did fine with her dog meets with both male and female dogs
Shelter is crowded so need to find Leia rescue asap
Please contact me if you can help this girl.