Wednesday, June 20, 2012

URGENT! Two VERY BONDED Senior Dogs Need a home! Doberman and Shepherd - Leonia, NJ

   Owner dogs who are very bonded need a new home OR rescue.  From owner:  I have a couple of senior dogs that are in need of help.  I have a pair over wonderful dogs that need to find a home.  They are a very mild mannered Doberman and German Shepard Dog.  They have been around other dogs and cats with no problem and get along with children too.  The Shepherd is named Carla is 10 years old, has good hips and is very alert.  The dobey is named Tobey and is 9 years old, also has good hips and great over all health.  He did have a tooth removed and all his shots brought up to date at Teaneck Animal Clinic recently. 

    I love these dogs very much and because of my new living situations I can no longer keep them.  I have them at my parents home but my folks can not take care of them any longer.   My wife and I have a newborn and our apartment does not allow pets at all.  We have been looking for some place to live that would allow the dogs but it has been in vain.  My father found a shelter to bring the dogs to, but I have found out that it is NOT a no kill shelter.  I am beyond horrified beyond words.  I am looking for a miracle right now, they are very good dogs.  If you can help them please let me know.  Even if it is to a kennel while a foster home or new home is found.  email: