Friday, June 29, 2012

Adopt Marty, tiny senior chihuahua living in rabbit hutch - Owensville KY

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Marty is approximately 9-10 years old.  He was found in a rabbit hutch with 2 other 20 pound plus dogs.  If any of you know what a rabbit hutch is, you can well imagine it is like living in a medium wire crate with a wire floor.  Judging from his physical condition, he has lived in it quite a while.  His cruel owners had moved off and left him and the other 2 in the sweltering heat, finally a neighbor called the ACO after hearing barking for 2-3 nights.
 His feet are splayed, his spine is twisted.  He just had 10 teeth extracted.  He was covered in fleas and is missing some of his hair. He has terrible dandruff.  His tongue hangs out the side of his mouth because his teeth are gone..... But I love him so much, he is absolutely the best, most grateful little guy I have ever rescued.
 He is now clean, flea free, dandruff going away, teeth (what he has of them) are cleaned. He might weigh 4 lbs. at best.  He sleeps in bed with me every night.  He has a little hop in his step now, he actually can run a little bit and yesterday I did hear him bark.
 I am looking to place him in a special home, and it has to be just the right one, but I know it's out there.  If you can help me do this, I would most appreciative.  Marty is fully vetted, and is housebroken, extremely obedient and gentle.  No all.  He has been tortured enough..
 Thanks for any and all help.  He is just a little guy that takes up a wee bit of room.  He sleeps a lot and brings a lot of joy to this household.  He is social with other dogs his size, he runs and barks at bigger dogs so he is fearless!
 He is located in Owingsville, KY, 50 miles east of Lexington KY.