Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adopt lester, adorable little pitbull mix - Pittsburgh PA


Lester is a five +year-old neutered pit mix who was saved from a high-kill shelter in West Virginia. He is currently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, waiting for his furever home.
 Lester had a cancerous tumor on his left leg, which was removed, and he is doing great.   He is approximately 50 pounds and is a short,stocky, itty- bitty pitty!
 Lester, just plain and simple, "GETS IT!" He picks up on the energy of humans and rolls with it. He listens intently to your every word and LOVES to have human contact. When he looks at you, you see the merciful soul that goes along with his huge heart.  
 Lester loves kids. I have personally seen him around kids, and he's great with them.
Lester is ok with other dogs, and he actually would benefit from dogs who are social.
A home without cats would probably be best.
 Lester is good on a leash and is curious about the world. He passed all of his tests with flying colors. He would benefit from socialization and possibly obedience classes, which would help boost his confidence, as he can be a bit shy at first.
 Lester is learning how to play.  He loves to "fetch" and willingly gives up his toy to be tossed repeatedly.  He is so much fun to watch when he runs to get his toy. 
 Lester listens very well.  When I call him, he comes right back to me.  to adopt this
cute guy please contact: