Friday, June 29, 2012

Adopt Birdie, a senior female labrador/beagle mix in Lexington KY

Contact:  Hope at

n April this year, my grandfather (who raised me)  passed away rather quickly with pneumonia.  Birdie belonged to a friend of mine (2001) in Cynthiana, living on a farm & when she was a year old, my friend had a baby & couldn't take care of Birdie any longer.   My grandmother had recently passed away & so we were able to provide a companion to my Papa & to Birdie.  It was a match made in heaven!!!  They provided each other exactly what the other needed.....  My Papa walked her almost every day (when the weather permitted), they would take lazy naps, eat together, go fishing, etc, etc until this year when he had chronic bronchitis & then became hospitalized before his passing.

Birdie is an 11 year old wonderful, sweet, submissive black lab, beagle mix.  She wouldn't hurt a fly....  I'm very torn about possibly turning her over because it was my Papa's dog & I feel like I'm giving up.  However, the problem is that I already have my own pet (a male basset/beagle) and I have to keep both dogs separated because he constantly wants to lick on her, sniff on her, etc. etc.  My house is just not big enough for two dogs, plus i have a full-time job & it's very diffcult to care for them both the way they should be.  I almost feel like Birdie would be happier if she had people who would be able to pay more attention to her.