Tuesday, May 29, 2012

UPDATE SAFE.....senior female chocolate labrador will be pts wednesday

Just got about a stray lab found by an elderly couple....the girl is blind. Please share with your contacts so that this girl can get help and not wind up in the shelter as this elderly couple can not keep her. A sweet stray senior lab, who is blind, found her way to the home of an elderly couple in Cynthiana (see pic below). They cannot keep her and want to find a good home or rescue who could help her find a wonderful forever home. She appears to be in good health, just craving some love and attention. Please call Joyce at 859-227-4424 if you can help this poor girl. She won't make it out of the local shelter if she has to go there. LAST PLEA FOR THIS SENIOR BLIND LAB GIRL!! Please contact Joyce at 859-227-4424 if you can save this poor senior girl. Man that found her is taking her to be euthanized if no offer to rescue in next 2 days! Must have place to go by Wednesday!!!