Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rescue or Adopt Buddy, senior lemon beagle

URGENT UPDATE: Poor toothless Buddy the Beagle has been rushed to the Vet's office for an emergency evaluation.Buddy has only 2 teeth and a flea allergy, now Buddy lost the use of his back legs early this morning. Silvia has rushed him to the vet and will keep everyone posted on his status! He is on Facebook on the "A Shelter Friend" page, follow his progress there. Buddy is a sweet, gentle guy who would love to be your special dog, He was pulled Just in Time from the shelter, Call Silvia to talk about Buddy, or send him some much needed $$ help. 910-876-0539 Buddy is a quiet, friendly senior Beagle. He deserves a good golden years and would share his love with you and be a great companion. visit