Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adopt Calista, 14 year old cat owners moving not taking catt!!!! CT

POOR CALISTA THEY ARE MOVING, KEEPING THEIR DOG NOT THEIR LOYAL CAT THAT IS 14 YRS OLD - READ BELOW, UNBELIEVABLE. SO SO SAD - THAT POOR CAT - SHE IS DECLAWED AND IN GOOD HEALTH. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD ASAP - SHE NEEDS A HOME BADLY. Calista is 14 years old and in very good health. She is front declawed and currently lives with a dog and has previously lived with cats. She will be updating her vaccines today. Her owners are moving to a new location that allows dogs but not cats. They were comfortable with the fact that she could be put to sleep because, "She led a good long life." There are issues with her tear ducts but they didn't do anything about this at onset so there's probably little to do for her now. She does have sight and an eternal squint. Not looking for a rescue to take her, please just help spread the word for a home. Somewhere that she can live out her golden years with someone who will give her a bit more concern. My house is pretty full but she'll stay here until another less inhabited home can be found. CONTACT Call on the TAILS line 203-222-1992-- EMAIL BELOW Nancy C. - TAILS (The Alliance In Limiting Strays)