Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Toby, is a sweet, Kansas Beagle boy! He needs a place to live out the rest of his days. He was returned from an adopting family because his breathing was bad and weezed badly and he had accidents on the floor. Now that could be due to old age but it could also be because this is a retired breeder dog and has not been trained. He is doggy door trained. There must be SOMEONE who wants an old dog that only has a year or two left to his old life. Please if you have a farm could you consider letting Toby live with you. My vet was asked to put him down by the breeder but he just can't do it. At first the vet thought Toby was breathing like this because his teeth were so bad and infection had spread throughout his body. But they ran some more studies on him and found that his esophagus had collapsed. The vet feels that this dog was kicked in the throat to cause this problem. He really does not have any other breathing problems. If you know someone that would be interested in letting this beautiful guy live his life out in senior luxury please email Debbie at All contact information is listed in my signature. Debbie Blochlinger, Founder SRL, Inc 201 Mackenzie Minneapolis, KS 67467 cell: 913 744 7040