Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Senior Cocker Spaniels need adopters or rescue - Lawrenceberg KY

Two of the 6 cocker spaniel owner turn ins. #103 Wolfie Male, nine years old, red and white colored #107 Mikie Male, twelve years old, black and white colored
Over the weekend, we had six purebred cocker spaniels turned in at the county shelter in Lawrenceburg, KY. They range from 4 to 12 years, very matted, very scared, and desperatedly need to get out of animal control, as they are full there. The owner was placed in a nursing home, and the family turned the dogs in. Pictures will be posted tomorrow, but there are none available right now. (I do the Petfinder listings, but I'm only at the Adoption Center long enough each week to take pictures to post on the internet. You'll need to contact Donna at the Adoption Center to get information. e-mail Donna her at ahs_40342@yahoo.com. Thanks!)